Square Enix Files New Trademark for Deus Ex

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I mean recoil, augs, enhancements, make really no difference in the gunplay, save for the completely broken laser attachment, which I make a point not to even touch, lest my Jensen truly become a god among men... all the guns function exactly the same from beginning to end...

Regardless of whether its the same system or not, because the same system would work, if balanced properly, their should be something in place to stop my formerly sneaky jensen to bust out the gattling gun and start effectively mowing down everything in site...<.<

Those augs make a massive difference..especially the recoil aug.
If you want to take the one shot then you're right..you are good to go..but try taking 2 headshots with any gun (even pistol). The reticle will be way over the head of the target by the second shot unless you wait for 1.1 seconds which is an eternity and every guard is now fully alerted

I learnt this the hard way with the combat rifle. 1 headshot is not enough to kill a medium guard let alone a heavy. So mid-game you can't silently dispatch guards with it unless you have fully invested in recoil.

Anyway the original Deus ex is one of my favourite games ... I like it more then HR.. but I can't kid myself a trade off has to be made. If Adam Jensen couldn't even wear an environmental suit or hit a guy with a baton from behind without a crap load of points into training the game would flop.
A lot of original deus ex fans were more relieved then anything that HR didn't completely ruin the legacy of the original.

Eidos montreal took many balancing steps to make it similar to the original whilst modernising it in the least offensive way they could think of...

instead of batons you have melee but it uses battery,
limited weapon upgrade kits and attachments to specialise the weapons you like,
aug's in recoil and reticles while moving,
augs in damage protection if you want a more guns blazing playstyle,
only partially regenerating health,
There aren't actually that many OP grenades..unless you are metagaming,
you still have an inventory system which is harsh unless you upgrade
Weapons like stun gun, tranq rifles, peps...take a v long time to reload

Now there are lasers, laser targeting and other stuff...like you said you can just refuse to use it. I have to agree with you though...the laser actually negates the need for the reticle augs...but it only fits on 3 guns.I refuse to use the tranq gun, and armour piercing mods, and revolver explosive rounds as they are OP. The game is flexible enough for you to make your own play style. It doesn't punish you for it. (apart from the bosses lol).

One playthrough I was ninja Jensen... I got ambushed a few times (eg. alice pond gardens)... I had fully upgraded invisibility and icarus landing system...so I turned invisible and ran away.
On another playthrough I saw the plasma gun.. I refused to pick it up as I was role playing as crossbow Jensen.

I found the radar the most offensive part of HR..because I couldn't turn it off. The original didn't have radar...you have to listen to footsteps, lean and use infrared augs. I turned off objective markers and put a piece of paper where the radar is.

The game is not the perfect Deus ex game...but it could of been so so so so much worse. Played splinter cell conviction? Played the narrow corridor small thimble sized levels of Hitman: absolution. I mean the dude can holster a sniper rifle into his suit! And when he walks around china town...civilians have left convenient sniper rifles and explosives everywhere!!?? Half the hit's are done in cutscenes. The entire heart and point of Hitman was gone for 90% of bloodmoney fans.

I've beaten DX:HR several times now, and between upgrading or not upgrading weapons and augs, I found very little difference in the recoil or gunplay in general, by the end of the game... you're just shooting people the exact same as you were from the word go, sure their might be some lasers and the auto targeting was pretty handy in boss fights, but simply upgrading your augs doesn't make much of a difference, beyond making your shooting a bit more efficient, hell the silencer does more for changing the gunplay than the augs do... and I'm not the only one saying it, the dev team specifically left out weapon specialization, mostly because they reasoned that Jensens metal arms meant that his aim was going to be pretty steady... Which makes sense, but that's besides the point...

And I'm not saying that their won't have to be a trade off to implementing weapon skills, but it wouldn;t break the game, and I never mentioned anything about close combat, health systems, grenades or item use, that shit works fine, though the augs are a different story, which I'm sure I've touched on before... and Eidos Montreal did a good job balancing the game with it's new combat and stealth systems... I just feel that the addition of weapon skills would deepen the experience that much more, in terms of both gameplay, character building and world building to some extent... and it's not like it's impossible... Hell, as broken as the game was, Alpha Protocol, had a functioning weapon skill system, the original Mass Effect did too... and Deus Ex would already be steps ahead, with the cover system to go along with it, and their streamlined weapon set, and there wouldn't be much in terms of change that would have to be made to the gameplay itself...

and the fact that I had to ignore parts of the game to make it a more engaging experience isn't a point in it's favor... it's not that it's complimenting my play style, it's simply accepting it, and that cheapens the experience, when I have to constantly fight the most logical option, because it doesn't fit with how I feel I should be playing... it's almost as bad as having a moral choice system, in that respect, and is certainly comparable to the way that you're forcing yourself to make all the "right" choices, because it'll give you the most, "right" points, not because it's the most logical thing to do or the best option... it's the same thing that's going on here, except with character building and weapon lay out... when you're equally proficient with all the weapons and you have the choice to make your character as OP as possible, you don't, because there's some trade off for it, there's not even a reason not to, being an all powerful bad ass would be the easiest path, after all, but because you want to play the game a certain way... and that's the problem, you shouldn't have to do that, it takes you out of the experience and breaks immersion... Hell you played the original you should understand why the character building was so good in that game... because the game had tight rules when it came to leveling... there was a trade off for every choice you made, and slowly, throughout the game you mold your character into something that truly compliments your play style... In that case it even adds to JC's character arc...

and I never said I didn't like DX:HR... it's a great game, with only a few problems holding it back from being as good, if not better than the original...<.<

I'd say I never asked for this, but I would be going to hell for lying. XD

Gimme more Deus Ex! ^_^

This is great! I'm guessing a 2015 release, along with Cyberpunk 2077. In for a treat, then. Though it's likely started development already. I'm not sure how trademarks and game development schedules link up.

BRING IT, but this time, no more unskippable boss battles plz. And decent ammo availability, even if it is a stealth game.

Wanna know what always bothered me about HR's ending (the one where you leave no evidence behind)? Whatever happened to Pritcherd? He knows JUST AS MUCH as Adam does and we KNOW he can listen without Adam knowing, so doesn't that render the whole "kill everyone to leave no evidence" route just dumb? Or did I miss something about Pritcherd getting killed? I know they were having problems communicating in the final location due to it being so far away, but that doesn't exclude all the stuff that happened before that Pritcherd should know about.


I hope Human Defiance is a fancy way of saying HD. Deus Ex HD would be awesome, especially if it would be Deus Ex with Human Revolution controls and Gameplay.

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