Play a 1,000-Player Bomberman Match in Your Browser

Play a 1,000-Player Bomberman Match in Your Browser


Don't read this if you have anything important to do today.

Back in the early days of my personal gaming odyssey, Bomberman was all kinds of awesome. So when a completely unofficial massively multiplayer version popped up on my Twitter feed, I nearly fell out of my chair. Bombermine pits you against hundreds of other online players in a what appears to be an endless Bomberman-esque level, complete with all manner of destructible materials, powerups, and, of course, bombs.

The game plays exactly like a traditional Bomberman title but taken to a massive scale. There are a handful of servers currently up and the game runs entirely on your web browser using HTML 5. There are even leaderboards and in-game chat. Each server is built to handle as many as 1,000 players.

Powerups range from speed boosts to weapon enhancements and character skins. You can focus on finding goodies or simply spawn in and attempt to bomb every other player you see. In my own play session, the game played extremely smooth, with nary a sign of lag or hiccups. If you have some time to kill, it's quite an addictive experience.

Source: Bombermine via TNW


What's the level called? Bagdad?

Let us put some music...

And Bomb!

What's the level called? Bagdad?

*drum rimshot*

OT: Yeah, Bomberman 2 is easly one of my top 5 SNES games. So many fond memories of that game...

Definitely going to check this out.

Everyone should check this out. It's bloody good fun.
So much for having an afternoon.

Also, this game is just a beta and it already plays rather solid. Can't wait to see the full release.

Ok, I'll check it for 5 min
2hours later.
bomb them, BOMB THEM TO HELL!!!

SO far I've been playing this game for 30 mins.


Damn it, why did I had to have an exam today...

Why does things like this exist?! Why couldn't you have lied and said it was running in flash rather than html5? In that case I would have been likely to ignore it. My life outside a browser window is over.

LOL. I love the Langoliers who start eating the map at the end.

The wrong the right spot...can make all the the world. Mr. Bomberman....

I can't play Bomberman anymore though, not after I had an actual panic attack from it.

Let us put some music...

And Bomb!

Not bad. Not bad. But I see your Tchaikovski, and raise you...

TO GLORY!!!!!!!

Yep. There goes my day.

I had stuff to do. Important stuff. But nothing takes priority over the BOMBS!!!!

Why? Why will it not let me PLAAAAAAAAY?


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