XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition Coming To Mac

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition Coming To Mac


Mac users will soon get the chance to lead a squad of hardened troops against the universe's darkest threats. Better late than never, huh?

I, uh ... I have a confession to make: I'm a Mac. For the past decade I've used only MacBook Pros and communicated exclusively via iPhone. In about a week I intend to drop $100 for an Apple TV, and only two days ago I spent $170 just on cables for my Apple products. It's a sickness, I know, but at least it's an impressive sickness that I can lord over other people like a rich, elitist jerk, right?

The only real downside of being a Mac user -- other than dealing with the tiring petulance of the hoi polloi -- is that there just aren't that many games available for OS X. It's improved massively since I first started using the operating system, thanks in large part to Valve Software's efforts to support OS X with its Steam digital distribution system, but we still only see maybe 10 percent of the games that appear on PC.

Fortunately, the ones we do get have already proven themselves as the best of the best. To wit: Firaxis Games has tapped Feral Interactive to bring the undeniably excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown to my computing platform of choice.

The promise of imminent, squad-based alien hunting would be enough to get my knickers in a happy twist, but when Feral Interactive ports XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it intends to include a number of extras not seen in the debut iteration of the PC game. Officially dubbed XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition, the Mac game will include the base XCOM game that PC and console players have been enjoying for months, but will also feature all downloadable content additions released for the title to date absolutely gratis. This includes the Slingshot Pack, the Elite Soldier Pack and the Second Wave update; all told that's an extra three story missions, dozens of soldier customization options and a handful of options to increase the game's difficulty and alter the way combat works.

Alright, so, a great game is coming to the Mac with a host of extra content. What's the downside? Other than the unwieldy title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition appears to be quite a ways from release. Feral offers no word on when it might make its retail debut and as of now pre-ordering the title online via its developer is simply not possible. We'd expect it to feature a lower price than its PC analogue did on release, but that may be mere wishful thinking. We'll bring you more info on this new version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown as it emerges, but in the mean time feel free to entertain yourselves by watching the game's trailer.

Source: Feral Interactive


Mac's finally getting attention? Sales forecasts must be dire indeed.
Dire across the industry I mean.

I wouldn't count Second Wave as DLC, it was basically added in a patch; so really that's two DLC additions, one of which is a little pointless and lacking (depends how much you care about colour-coding yer soldiers), and the other of which was very pointless and lacking.

May as well just be XCOM for Mac.

This continues to be one of my absolute favourite games of recent times, but adding the DLC isn't really going to entice anyone on that angle. Because the DLC has so far been te-eh-eh-EH-rrible.

Pink Gregory:
Because the DLC has so far been te-eh-eh-EH-rrible.

I read this line in Susan's voice.

Pink Gregory:
one of which is a little pointless and lacking (depends how much you care about colour-coding yer soldiers)

Hey you, I loved customizing my soldiers :D

Made me that much more attached and pissed whenever I lost one. Granted the customization options could have easily shipped with the game, and I wish they were a little more robust.

Still waiting for Super Ultimate Rainbow edition that fixes enemy AI and map limitations...


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