Final Iron Man 3 Trailer Features Tony Stark's Latest Toys

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Never read any of the comics so know next to nothing about this universe.

But this. This i like.

It doesn't matter who they have writing this movie; they just won't be able to craft a better story than Warren Ellis, so here's hoping screenwriter egos can be set aside and that Iron Man 3 will ape its source material as closely as possible.

Dear lord save me from die-hard fans in any medium. They won't be able to do better? Sorry, Warren Ellis is not god, and the Extremis story, while good, was not flawless.
Comics. Are not. Movies. What works for one may not work for others. I'll take a well-written "inspired by" movie over a slavishly-followed adaptation any day. Tom Bombadil did not belong in LOTR, and Watchmen's new ending made more sense. Direct adaptation gives us half an hour of dwarves eating and non-sequitur rock giants.
If they can follow it closely and still make a good movie? Great, good for them. If not? I'd rather they compromise the source rather than the end product. We've already *repeatedly* established the marvel movie-verse as a completely different continuity from the comics.

Tony Stark han an army of Iron Man suits as well as TERMINATOR ARMOR...

...GUNDAM IT, he just out-cooled Batman.

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