Zeno Clash II Shows Off Some Moves

Zeno Clash II Shows Off Some Moves

The first gameplay trailer for Zeno Clash II makes it look possibly even weirder than the original.

Remember Zeno Clash? It was a bizarre first-person brawler set in a very strange, primitive fantasy world. It was not without flaws, but John Funk described it in his review as "fun and viscerally satisfying... with intense and chaotic brawls." He also pointed out that it was very short and lacking in polish, but it was a $20 indie game too, so allowances have to be made.

The hope is that things will be better for the upcoming Zeno Clash II, which will feature a fully-explorable open world packed with all sorts of new sights, creatures and weapons, plus most of the characters and enemies from the original. And even more weirdness, from the look of it, which is also good news, because you never know when some some publisher-type in a fancy suit is going to get all uptight about laying down a belly-to-back piledriver on a giant anthropomorphic chicken.

You can find out more about Zeno Clash II at - surprise! - zenoclash2.com. Look for it to come out this spring on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.


I only have one question: where are steal chairs?

I am so excited about this, I'm glad it's coming as soon as this spring. The first one was so surreal...if a dev is willing to take chances and think as if there never was a box, I'm willing to overlook a lot of flaws. The world is very lacking in first-person punching games.

*spits out hot tea at closest person*

The hell the first was popular enough to get a sequel, that... that is surprising. Not sure to be happy or not about this, hopefully it won't loose any of the personality the first game had.

Color me stoked. Adding open world exploration to that fantastic landscape is the best change to Zeno Clash I can imagine.

The first ZC was absolutely stupid.

You know the topic floating around the forums right now, like "Don't call bad things retarded because it insults special people"? Well, ZC was "special", as in, retarded.

Imagine if this was released by some typical publisher and not one of the first indie games on Steam. It would be laughed upon and a couple of freaks would love it. But it's indie so yea... We have to praise it.

To clarify: No, I don't mind the setting (that was kinda cool), but the gameplay, story and well everything is crap. I tried to play this game about 3 times, never finished it.

Woo! Looking forward to this, loved the first one. Also, good to see Golem return. He was an interesting character (and the segment before him where you have to free him was very good); well, most of them were.
That said, it looks like this will basically be the same; I don't see too much new in the trailer: Some new enemies, new weapons, that's just fine by me. The only really new thing I saw was the ability to charm enemies and other magic spells, which could be interesting; that and their promise of an open world, of course, which could make or break the new title.
Overall, I mostly loved the gameplay - the melee fighting was really satisfying; the guns were kind of lackluster, but then I think they were supposed to be, and the shadow crystal parts were an awesome way to shake things up with a very different enemy type - and I really adored the setting and background story. Not to mention those crazy people in the woods were nicely disturbing (mostly through the narration of the main character).
I hope they won't mess it up. Also, I'd hope they wouldn't go Steam-exclusive this time around.

Color me stoked. Adding open world exploration to that fantastic landscape is the best change to Zeno Clash I can imagine.

I very much doubt it will, ACE team is still the bunch whimsical lunatics that made the first one (at least if Rock of Ages is anything to go by...)

Looking forward to this, I enjoyed the visceral, meaty melee combat of the first game as well the unusual aesthetics and odd characters (I hope this one still has exploding squirrels!).

There's something about the aesthetic of Zeno Clash that I just find endlessly satisfying...


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