PETA Asks Gamers To Be Kind To Zerglings

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This does as much harm to their cause as Anita Sarkeesian's 'arguements' of Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

While there are points, they seem to mss them by an impressive amount.

They say that when all they really want is for all the Zerg to be euthanized. PETA is run by Arcturus.

This could possibly be the least offensive thing PETA has done in a while. It's still stupid and petty, but far from offensive.


that avatar with your comment made me laugh really really hard

But yeah, PETA really need to do research on the creatures they keep "defending" one look at the page for them on the starcraft wiki would tell them what they need to know... you know, the whole thing about zerg being pretty much mindless drones that kill everything in sight for their genetic material.

So are PETA implying that they are the Terran?

I can see why the UPL fucked them off into space during Project Purification.

Seriously though....lay off the StimPacks.

I'd sigh but this would waste valuable air.

PETA, you are not funny anymore. You are not relevant anymore. Your day is done. Please stop.

PETA rule #1: Come across as even more of a joke with every attempt to make people take you seriously
PETA rule #2: Copy-paste rule #1 till it fills an entire book

I want to take a bucket of cow shit and toss it in the face of PETA members. You know, just to show my
appreciation for them.

As victim of many a zerg rush, PETA should be warning us to spay and nuder our zerglings for the good of the pet population.

Oh, silly, silly PETA. When will you learn?
Even when you're making a silly, harmless joke, you'll still come across as retarded.

Actually, I'm not sure I heard you right. You said... HUG the Zerglings?
I'm not sure how... Please, demonstrate the proper technique for me.

I get it now. It took a while, but they finally let us in on the joke. PETA is actually a parody organization. They're just pretending to be completely insane.

Good one, PETA. You are now my favorite spoof organization, with the ministry of silly walks and the argument clinic just behind.

And maybe umbrella corporation, but they aren't as overtly funny.

Did everyone's family get killed by zerg or something, what's with all the negativity?

This is basically as harmless and clever as it get's, I don't think they're entirely serious either, just enjoying some free attention.

Thought the same thing, honestly. I also love how everyone tries to point out the pretentiousness of this campaign by being utterly pretentious in actually explaining what the Zerg are, lorewise. You know, because PETA are the first and only people who portray Zerglings as cute...right? RIGHT?

I guess this reaction stems from the standard black-and-white-perception people have of the world. See, PETA consists of arsemonkeys we grew to at least dislike. Thus, they are supposed to be incapable of doing anything nice, clever, funny or any other positive adjective.

This campaign however IS funny AND comes from PETA...this just can't be right. Quick, point out how Zerg are evil, so the status quo is reestablished in our minds!

Oh, the Zerg are interesting, kind of like if what The Thing was if it's properties extended to an entire species right down to it's genetic code, but less so in the direct shape shifting thing. The species can become whatever it needs to be. But as for being nice to them? Well, not unless the new Kerrigan is holding the reins, is friends with me, and also happens to be sitting in the room, between me and the Ling in question. Even then, I'll be more than a little uneasy, kind of like having tea with a very well trained grizzly bear.

This is an interesting move by PETA, but lets break it down a little shall we?

PETA has expressed support for a fictional alien species that has outright slaughtered humans in their fictional universe for quite a long time, of which the zerglings and related zerg-specie are bred, if not ~evolved~ for slaughter on a mass scale by their own hive mind.

I wonder if PETA knows that if we consider their support of the swarm to be equal support for the actions of the swarm in their own universe, it appears that what PETA supports is genocide, mass consumption, assimilation and foul defile of the human species?

Is PETA also aware that there are terrans (Humans, ~us~ I remind) out there being eaten by Zerglings right now? Indeed, are they aware that the Zerg is also in your nearest Terran Command Center, defiling some tasty humans and turning them against their will into toxic suicide bombers for use against some more tasty humans?

My my, if you think for a moment that PETA's strange acts doesn't include this seemly cute gesture, maybe you need to take a close look at what they are conceptually supporting.

Hur-Hur, well done PETA. *slow clap*

Does PETA actually do anything proactive these days, or have they just decided it would be more effective to parody games than to protect the animals they are so attached to? Seriously, go appeal to the furries or something, because gamers aren't having any of this nonsense.

As cuddly as a scorpion crossed with a raptor.....


OT: As far as PETA goes this falls into the "harmless but stupid" category. I have to wonder if after the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the Mario, Cooking Mama and Pokemon parodies they decided to step back and try to take a more gentle approach to reaching gamers. It still isn't going to work, but apparently they are at least capable of recognizing trends. Although they don't seem to be able to recognize what a bunch of vile people they all are.

There are plenty of people who'll play devil's advocate, so PETA stepping up doesn't surprise me. This is the tamest stupid attention stunt they've tried yet.

Were they to apologize for their attacks on Mario, Pokemon, and just plain innocent games, I'd even see it as good publicity.
Hard to picture them hugging a Zergling and flipping off Mario and say, "Yeah, they're okay." Just not cool.

So they've essentially become the Unitarians from Dead Space or that pro-zombie group from Dead Rising 2?

I think we pretty much have proof of my theory of the going-ons at PETA now.

"Hey, we need a cheap way to be relevant in the news again, what do we do?"
"Shit, uh... we need to attack something, any ideas?"
"Well... the mario thing made a big splash, maybe-"
"BRILLIANT YES GAMES. Shit... uh... what's coming out soon?"
"Uhm... There's an expansion coming out for Starcraft 2..."
"Alright! Is there an animal in this game that people tend to hurt?"
"Well there's the zerg but-"
"Alright! Draw up a cute zerk and put it on a poster telling people not to hurt them! Get to it!"
"But sir, in Starcraft the zerg are a hivemind hell-bent on killing the hu-"
"I don't care what these zerks are! Get this on my desk in five hours OR YOU'RE FIRED!"

And then every gaming site and their mother shares PETA's campaign.

Aw, so cute. And... so wrong. It's like arguing for being nice towards ants or cockroaches, except they're bigger and want your blood. I dunno how far it goes, exactly, but I'm pretty sure the lesser creatures of the swarm have little to no sentience whatsoever. Not to mention that they are designed by the Overmind to be mindless cannon fodder, whatever they may have been before being assimilated into the swarm. There are a ton of videogame monsters and enemies that PETA could use for something like this that would make a ton more sense, Zerglings are probably some of the worst around. There is no coexistence with them because they're built to be incapable of reason and feeling. Hell, when they're not enslaved by a cerebrate, they go mental and attack anything that moves, even their own.

Kurt Cristal:
So they've essentially become the Unitarians from Dead Space or that pro-zombie group from Dead Rising 2?

Unitologists. Unitarians are an actual, real religious group that are pretty cool in their "anything goes"-attitude, actually.

I wouldn't care if Zerglings cried on the inside, each time they ate the face off one of my marines or felt joy each time a brother or sister was born in the spawning pools, it wouldn't stop me from slaughtering each and every one of them, when my victory fleet of Battlecruisers flies overhead.

I can't handle the stupid...

Stop giving these horrible people attention.

I must grudgingly admit that if anyone but PETA did this it'd be cute, instead of stupid. Fuck PETA.

I don't think they mentioned that most feelings Zerglings have are hunger and bloodlust.

That zergling is incredibly goddamned cute, as is this attempt to treat zerglings as misunderstood animals that aren't genetically engineered 'noming machines.

In other news, I ask PETA to eat a bag of dicks

If the Zerg weren't always chaotic evil, they might have a point. But this is like defending hitler because you're supposed to be nice to other humans.

God damn it PETA,stop doing stupid publicity stunts and go do something useful. Spend your money on things like free spading and neutering for pets not this stupid crap.

I must grudgingly admit that if anyone but PETA did this it'd be cute, instead of stupid. Fuck PETA.

It's only cute when people that aren't PETA parody PETA :P

Hey PETA, how about you start to be kind to animals you slaughter in thousands each year.

Sweet when the new zerg(insert another generic sci-fi near insectoid alien race) owerlords will come to earth ill know which ones will be first to collaborate for extermination of human race!


What next PETA tells people to hug a Tyranid?

I'd love to have a Tyranid as a pet!
...oh wait :(

yep. tell peta troops that these are domestic pets and they'll become indistinguishable from those bad space marines/ground units.

they do love euthanasia.

Only PETA, I swear....

I'd challenge PETA to hug a zergling. After it morphed into a baneling, of course. >:)

You think PETA gives a damn about mindless abominations while Spore has you annihilate civilizations, consume the eggs and babies of different species in front of their parents , abduct animals for experimentation and dispersion and ( my personal favorite truth be told ) forcibly remove their survival characteristics via the modifier and shit them down onto a planet as a flesh blob and watch them spiral to extinction.

zzzzzz PETA.

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