PETA Asks Gamers To Be Kind To Zerglings

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I actually like this. It doesn't come off as awful as they usually do when I see news about them. It is a fairly clever campaign, and the quote doesn't make them sound dumb >_>

I know, right? I am actually more disappointed at the amount of people that seems to take those statements as some serious business and being defensive about it, when its clear they didn't even bother to read past the title.

Yeah, I agree completely, but it's not that surprising either.

say what you will about PETA, that is an adorable zergling on that pamphlet

*laughs his freakin ass off*

Oh this is good...ohh...oh my sides...They hurt from all the laughing. XD

I'm sure that people have laid out how this is silly (Zerg are more like the extended body of the overmind/Swarm Queen than animals or even insects), but still...My funny. XD

Hey, PETA? If you make your protests THIS WAY, then I have no beef with you. This is hilarious.

Cpatcha: "the dude abides". Why yes, Catpcha, yes I do! XD



I actually like this. It doesn't come off as awful as they usually do when I see news about them. It is a fairly clever campaign, and the quote doesn't make them sound dumb >_>

I know, right? I am actually more disappointed at the amount of people that seems to take those statements as some serious business and being defensive about it, when its clear they didn't even bother to read past the title.

Yeah, I agree completely, but it's not that surprising either.

I didn't say it was surprising, just disappointing.

Some are such an easy target to antagonize with, people will jump through hoops just to criticize them; ever making ignorant comments about how ignorant the other side is.



What next PETA tells people to hug a Tyranid?

That Lictor just wants to embrace in a friendly hug.

Sooner the Lictor than one of those hive tyrants with 4 sword arms

I hear the Swarmlord is a HUGE fan of hugs.

Yeah they have feelings. Unfortunetly those feelings led them to claw peoples' faces off! And rushing bases at an early point in the game!

Ohhh, PETA.

It's progress, but they'll have my respect once they start putting actual research behind their remarks.

this would've been funnier if it wasn't an actual campaign by PETA lol but oh well

yes they do have feelings mostly hunger and homicidal rage

but really what?

now correct me if im worng but didnt the zerg go around genetically engineering species to serve the zerg as slaves.
Ainsi we should be helping to liberate them and returning them to their natural habitat.
or putting them out of their misery as humanley as possiable, which is obviously via space marine.

Your avatar.

It just punched me. Right in the nostalgia.

OT: What I'd say has been said before, but I'll say it again, no. Zerglings are fools, and must be exterminated! Glory to the Empreror!!


Bust those ghosts!![1]

[1] This is like one of those pictures that has a quote, picture and topic from three different source material, like Issac Clarke standing before the text, "The flood are attacking the Citadel Altair!"

This is actually quite funny. It doesn't really seem patronizing, and I think it is going ALONG with Blizzard rather than accusing it of anything.

Joel Bartlett:






I am willing to go as far as to say Blizzard / Activision is just showing EA the smart way to use fake activist for a marketing stunt

My immediate reaction:


The primary function of the Zerg is to invade all planets around them that fosters life, enslave the animals with desirable qualities, aggressively mutate said animals to suit the needs of the Zerg and destroy all other life on that planet.

The Zerg inhabit just about every single possible quality that PETA loathes and fights! As cute as they may think they're being by launching this parody awareness campaign, they're missing the point so frigging hard by rooting for what I believe might be the only race that's worse than humans in treating other animals. You think us humans are despoiling this planet? Let's see what you think about the Zerg, after they're done sterilizing the Earth of all native life in a day or two.

Seriously PETA, just give up associating yourself with video games.

I've always looked at PETA as that special kind of crazy, the kind that makes you cringe one moment but smile the next.

This is one of the latter moments.

Stop giving these clowns press coverage. They're the antithesis of any self respecting animal rights organization.

This is the first thing I've seen PETA do that isn't just so outrageously stupid that it's funny while they're trying to make a serious point. It's just outrageously stupid for the purpose of being funny so on the whole I have less of a problem with this than I do with everything else they do. They're still hypocrites though so even though this one thing is funny their organization can still die in a fire.

ANd gamers ask PETA to be kind to real life animals. Oh wait, too late for that. Damn.....

I kind of want to make a 'beating a dead horse' joke in regards to PETA's attempts to reach out to a community who at best treats them as a nuisance, but it's been done.

But so far as the topic goes...I guess I can empathize with the weaponized bug just as much as I do with the weaponized criminals, which is to say, curse at them when they die on me far faster than I'd like them to.

This is too stupid:


"He fights for us."

This article is what finally convinced me to buy Heart of the Swarm.

Time for a massacre.

Oh, fuck off, PETA.

Everytime I read something about PETA and their shenanigans I feel just a couple steps closer to being mentally retarded.

If I had to share my world with the zerg, I would immediately blow them the fuck up.

With this


As a animal lover I do hate PETA for what they do but this... is kinda cute... silly, but cute.

I seriously think MOST PETA volunteers haven't a clue what the organization actually stands for.

OT: I think I've figured it out. PETA has a lot less to do with animal rights, and a lot more to do with comedy. That's what they are. Comic sketches or what not.

So guys...I have a question...

If someone sent PETA a message that was to the effect of "Every time you attention whore like this...a kitty dies", do you think they'd stop?

Yes, because if PETA was somehow existed in Starcraft universe, the humans would take seriously to not hurt the cute,little,innocent Zergs......
The Zergs would be the best choice to put together in a friendly environment with Tyranids:


Aaaaa..look how cute they are.

Be kind to Zerglings. Feed them only the freshest Marines.

...PETA is at the point where the only good attention they can bring to themselves, is by being less extreme and less despicable. To me, as a gamer, this is an insult and one that pisses me off.
Not only is it a disgusting attempt to lure gamers in, it's a ridiculous idea that everyone knows is bullshit. Comparing defenseless animals to a murdereous multispecies that has been genetically reworked to conquer all life is just mindblowingly stupid.

Oh it's just a joke? I see. Just like when those assholes freed mink from a farm, releasing them into the immediate surroundings which caused a minor ecological disaster, killing all the local wildlife? That sounded like a joke too, because who'd be so stupid to do something like that? PETA, that's who.

Go hug a chainsaw, Joel Bartlett and leave us the hell alone.

(Captcha: "What planet are we on?" Not the same one as PETA, that's for sure.)

1. They don't have feelings in any sense of the word. They are nothing but code in the literal sense, and nothing but mindless killers following a hivemind in the figurative sense (ironically not dissimilar to PETA itself). At best, they feel pain in the sense of a 'damage report' rather than a traumatic experience.

2. PETA has long proven that it has NO problem killing animals by the thousand, as long as the death is painless. PETA logic dictates that if there's a chance an animal may suffer even slightly in the future (god forbid), it deserves to die to prevent said suffering. Therefore, TETZ is really just an organisation promoting killing Zerg by euthanasia rather than bullets or fire. In fact, outside of gaming, this theory promotes any sort of consumption of animal products or killing animals for sport as long as they don't suffer, even though of course PETA and less extreme animal rights groups in general sternly frown upon these practices.

3. Talking about 'co-existing' with the Zerg is just a copy of their usual blathering nonsense they give to everyone before they get to dumping puppies into dumpsters. Of course, suggesting the game should transform into catching the Zerg in cages and taking them to 'mercy centers' (while, you know, we keep shooting at and bombing the Protoss, because they look too human to get special treatment) would make them look even more ridiculous than they do now. That and complaining about the various random critters you can click on until they explode.

4. The Zerg's only goal is to kill everything, steal DNA to create more fearsome creatures, then go kill some more. They are not animals, they are parasites on a universal scale that endlessly consume and multiply, leaving no room for anyone or anything else (unless they are transformed into mindless suicide bombers). To relate them to crocodiles or snakes or whatever simply because they look reptilian is short-sighted and proves that PETA can't be bothered doing its research... Though PETA has never liked anything remotely resembling facts.

5. PETA wants us to be kind and understanding to the Zerg who want to kill us all, when they condemn the Pokemon games for 'enslaving' animals for sport, despite the genre's repeated messages of bonding, companionship and understanding between the trainers and Pokemon. The Pokemon series, both game and TV, even involves 'bad guys', e.g. Team Rocket or abusive trainers, who abuse, steal or 'slave drive' Pokemon, and they are CLEARLY painted in a bad light while the protagonists stop said abuse and treat their own Pokemon with love and respect. Again, a sign of little to no research on PETA's part.

" It raises awareness without casting judgment and ties in smartly with what is bound to be one of the year's biggest game releases."

I disagree with 'smartly' I think they're ties to are a huge stretch.

Half clever, half really, really dumb...

This just in: PETA knows how to troll people on the internet.

Either that, or they're out of their minds. I like Zerg, but gimme a break!

Nerfnow was doing cute zerglings way before those hypocritical gobshites even knew what a zerg was.

...Sadly I have nothing else to contribute to this discussion. Apologies.

Let me summarize what Barlett is trying to say:

"I know that Zerglings have nothing to do with ethical treatment to animals, but we couldn't resist the publicity of attaching our name to an internationally popular game like Starcraft. I mean, just look at all the publicity we get whenever we criticize something like Assassin's Creed or Mario! All you people get up in arms so easily and start talking about us and spreading the word! It's like you stupid gamers are our own private marketing department! Keep up the good work!"

that last sentence put this in mind.

Wait, am I reading this right? PETA is making a parody of themselves? They're actually...not taking themselves as seriously as the plague?

Huh. Good for them. Just don't use that goodwill as an excuse to do more stupid things and my disdain will have to be directed toward something else.

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