PETA Asks Gamers To Be Kind To Zerglings

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This would be hilarious is PETA didn't actively kill more real animals than they "saved," or if the founder of PETA wasn't the apparently one of the world's most prolific euthanizers.

Because as it stands it seems like one of the worst hypocrisies I've ever heard.

They do indeed have feelings.
Until I sever their head from their spine with my PSI-Blades.

Then they don't feel much at all.


Aren't we all just being trolled here? Isn't PETA just a giant meta-troll trying get a rise out of gamers for the sake of controversy?

well if we do ever discover that we share this vast mostly empty universe with murderous zerg-esque aliens, we can send PETA to try to make nice and immediately get rid of them all in one fell swoop before we start fighting them properly

Wait, am I reading this right? PETA is making a parody of themselves? They're actually...not taking themselves as seriously as the plague?

Huh. Good for them. Just don't use that goodwill as an excuse to do more stupid things and my disdain will have to be directed toward something else.

Yeah, I don't think this is PETA as a whole, to be honest. It wasn't the entire PETA company who made Super Mario Fuck You Gamers You're Supporting Animal Abuse and Cooking Trauma and such. It was one (or maybe a few) people who classify as gamers and PETA supporters making it and then sending it over so PETA could trumpet it as proof that we're worse then everyone else or... Whatever their point was.

I'm not sure "parody" would work either. You assume they know enough to know that hugging Zerg = really bad idea, and given the whole "Mario Steals Tannoki Skin" thing and "Yoshi is being exploited" and such, it's clear they know about as much about video games (Or Mario, at the very least) as they know about how killing 2/3rds of the animals you save and then dancing about supporting people who firebomb animal research labs might just be a tiiiiny li'll bit hypocritical. The people that makes this stuff, kinda like PETA in general, either really are that stupid - In which case, they're stupid - or they're just acting stupid to get our attention - in which case, they're pretty much bastards.

And besides which, the whole "cute zergling" thing has been done better at least twice before now, if you ask me. (To wit, NerfNow and that parody of the HotS trailer with the li'll purple licky zerg things.)

Something like this shows me that at heart, PETA knows that what they do is bullshit. Because caring for zerglings in the context of the starcraft universe is batshit insane.

Now I'm definitely not saying that caring for animals is batshit insane: It is barbaric to cause hurt without reason. Because it's clear that animals can suffer and if you have a shred of empathy, you know that it sucks to suffer.

But PETA's stance is batshit insane to me.
"Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way" is what it proclaims on their website.

To which I would like to reply:
Animals shouldn't be abused in any way and we should talk about the experimentation bit.

Why is their stance batshit insane?

It would mean that fashion and a whole other range of cool leather products would disappear (use for wearing)
It would mean that chefs and foodies would have to throw away around 80% of their dishes (use for food)
It would mean that people with an allergy to fruit and vegetables would have virtually no food left to choose from (use for food)

It would mean that all movies be completely animal-free (use for entertainment)

The effects on joy of life would be immense for almost everybody and the economic effects are incredible.

But the single worst result is that these changes would possibly extinguish species of animals and reduce the amount of animals in a really dangerous way.

Animals have evolved in a reaction to how humans have resculpted the world. There are plants that can now only reproduce if they're being cut by a threshing machine and if the economic reward of leather and meat would dissappear, so would the farming industry's incentive on keeping their animals.

What would happen is a large scale animalcide, much like PETA does with animals themselves.

Well I have their support. If they want to save the zerg, let them. They would do an immense social service by getting themselves infected. After all, an insect based hive mind is way better than a mindless colony hive mind based on murder and hypocrisy.

By the way, has anyone noticed that PETA's been aiming their campaign at the gaming community?

Look PETA, I know we're supposed to love our enemy and all, but this is kinda ridiculous.

To PETA's credit, this is WAAAAY better than most of the bullcrap they've pulled in the past.

To PETA's credit, that is one of the cutest zerglings ever drawn.

I took their message to heart and individually named all of my zerglings, but it got troublesome to keep track of them so I just started calling them 'Ken'

Godspeed, all you Kens. Your sacrifice to the Swarm will be long remembered!

i hate to break it to them but billions or so have already died and there are always more

Well it can't be worse than the Hug-A-Hydralisk movement, nobody really considered the scythe-claws..

PETA...weren't they the same peeps that made the Pokemon game and are getting sued by Nintendo??

Bleh, I think the Zerg are cute and/or cool anyway, I don't know why PETA is selling them short.

Okay, so, I'm working off the idea that the Zerg are all about consuming compatible essences (read: other Zerg) and the assumption that they're all at least as smart as your average... I don't know, raven, maybe. Based on these two assumptions, I would conclude that the Zerg would figure out pretty soon that humans aren't really their prey of choice. SO, working off THAT assumption, I can believe that, as long as I don't go out of my way to antagonize a Zerg, I'll be able to get along with them.

Also, if they could merge with certain Earth creatures... Kitty Zerg! Do want!

Oh, and we can make like Dr. Egon Stetmann and study them until we can improve out stuff and people with Zerg properties. VERY cool

Kinda surprised by how many people are taking this seriously.

people are taking this too seriously. i have no love for peta but i think this is a silly and cute idea. i wish they did more stuff like this. it wouldnt make me support them but i would at least find them more entertaining than annoying

PETA trolls the gaming community yet again.
I do wonder why they do this. Is it because we are the most volatile and defensive? So they hope we hate them enough so that 'human being' media reports on how poor PETA is being treated by nasty nerds?

It seems I'm slightly contributing.

I wish the RSPCA did this, but with less dickness.

While they're at it remind them that flash-eating bacteria and parasitic worms are also being horribly mistreated.

Let's release few zerglings in PETA headquarters to see if love is mutual.

Y'know what? I'm done.
How.... how does someone even logic this?

If zerglings existed in this world, the LAST thing we'd try to do would be understand them. The first thing would be working on or survival and extermination of them. That's like saying we should try to understand Tyranids. No! You don't do that.

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