Controversial God of War: Ascension Trophy To Be Renamed

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as a casual observer this violent bludgeoning of the female antagonist seems to be par for the course for the God of War series, while its not done every 10 minutes apart from Pandora, Aphrodite and the women in the 'sex mini-game' women in that Kratos meets tend not to fare well. There's this female antagonist, the sisters of fate, Athena, Poseidon' princess(the aforementioned doorstop), Hera, the gorgon's and the Oracle and Kratos wife and daughter, and Gai(the titan)...all of whom seem to either die by his hand or because him. And they response to me is idiotic..the don't even removed or change the boss woman getting murdered...they change the name of the trophy for killing her like that makes it all better!

That's a joke, right? Kratos kills countless men, which is no problem, but when it comes to the fact that he's killing women, then you're all up in arms? By that logic, the life of a woman is worth more than that of a man. Every man that Kratos seems to come by comes to the same fate. They shouldn't change it, by principle, there's nothing sexist about it, or offensive, it's all being taken too far.

no I am not "all up in arms" over Kratos killing women. I'm no more against it than i was against the idea of murdering Ares at the end of the first game. The point of my naming the women that Kratos kills was not to cry foul over it but to point out how ridiculous it is for such offense to be taken over this one female boss character getting bludgeoned to death and how the miniscule trophy name change that the dev's made in response to the outrage.

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