American McGee Needs Your Help To Kickstart Alice 3

American McGee Needs Your Help To Kickstart Alice 3


If McGee is to get his Alice 3, he'll need EA's blessing.

Do you want an Alice 3? If so, make some noise, as American McGee is willing to take his crazy kid to Kickstarter. However if he's to do that, he needs EA's blessing, as it's the one that holds the rights. That means he needs as much support as possible, to show EA that the project is viable.

This comes to you courtesy of McGee's Facebook page. "I'm trying to gauge interest in case I happen to discuss this with EA during GDC in 2 weeks," says McGee. "The more interest there is, the more seriously they'll take the conversation."

Alice: Madness Returns won plaudits for its visual beauty, even when its gameplay didn't hit all the right notes, and the series has its share of devoted fans. The only question is, how many devoted fans does it take to persuade EA that a Kickstarted Alice 3 is a good idea?

Source: American McGee


I'm not sure whether by 'kickstarting' this means an actual Kickstarter project or just a figure of speech. If they'd Kickstart for this, then it could honestly be the first project I'd actually back. Of course only under the condition that no idiotic DRM would be present on the end product.

BTW believe or not, EA isn't a hardass about their IPs.

Also, don't quote me.

Sgt. Sykes:
-snip to get around "don't quote me." ;)-

Depends heavily on how they plan to release the game. If its essentially to self-publish and cut EA out the loop, I really cant see it working!

I must wonder, if this generates enough support and attention, surely EA will just say "Oh we'll help you publish it."

Means they get to keep the IP and will get money from the sales too.

Not that I'd complain or anything, I really enjoyed both the Alice games, and Madness Returns was rather beautiful at times.

Since he's doing the Kickstarter in China, does that mean it's goal will only be a forth the size it would be in America?

Sgt. Sykes:
I'm not sure whether by 'kickstarting' this means an actual Kickstarter project or just a figure of speech.

Since it's capitalized, I'm pretty sure it's a real project

Also, don't quote me.


Gotta be honest, as much as I respect Mcgee himself, love the orignal "Alice" and thouroughly enjoyed "Madness Returns" I'm really not sure whether another Alice game is a good idea. Sure, they can build on what they learned from Madness returns, but narrative wise, the story's pretty much over.

Sgt. Sykes:

BTW believe or not, EA isn't a hardass about their IPs.

Also, don't quote me.

Never underestimate the absolute evil Goliath that is EA, they might hear that we like Alice and purposly ban the new game just to hurt us........that is how evil EA is :P

Um no, the first one was great, do that , only with better level design. If not...fck off!

Wait... so this is what Obsidian talked about when they were Kickstarting Project Eternety, isn't it? A publisher approaching a well regarded developer to get them to use Kickstarter for the publisher.

I mean, I know that's not how McGee's couching it, but, that he's running a Kickstarter to prove something to EA makes me very suspicious about who's really behind this one.

I was utterly disappointed in Madness Returns, the first game was pretty good though, he should rebuild the original, full HD, current graphics, HUGE gameplay improvements, tweaks to some scenarios...

Even at its worst this game would still be more worth a purchase than alot of other games so i say go for it.
i liked the first two can only imagine i will enjoy the third.

Madness Returns felt like it was missing something. Not sure what it might have been though. I enjoyed it quite a bit and would like to see a third in the franchise. Not sure if I'd back it as I haven't backed any yet.......even those that I really want i.e. Wasteland 2.

So even if it is funded through Kickstarter, our money would still be going into EA's pocket since they own the franchise? I'd rather hammer a nail through my genitals, thanks. Save EA the trouble.

I really enjoyed Madness Returns, I picked it up on a complete impulse and enjoyed it a lot.

A) Creating a Kickstarter entry for a game to be made by EA, the largest game publisher in the world? I'm pretty sure they still don't understand how Kickstarter works...

B) Alice: Madness Returns was pretty unimpressive IMO; Gameplay was mediocre & the admittedly great visuals were kneecapped by terrible perspective angles & unnecessary text pop-ups. Not even slightly interested in donating money to back a prospective sequel

I'll back this ONLY if they a) use Madness' aesthetic, b) revert back to the original Alice's dialogue (I needed a f*cking dictionary for the cutscenes in Madness and it felt so pretentious), c) get rid of the triple jump from Madness, and d) make the puzzles, you know, hard. Promise that, and I'll back you (Don't get the wrong idea from all this, I love the series; I'm just tough on the things I love).

EDIT: Also as much as I would like an Alice 3 I can't see where they'll go with it narrative-wise. The ending in Madness was pretty dismal when you thought about it and didn't leave many hooks for sequels - except for the whole Wonderland/London fusion (so Alice 3: Sanity Returns?).

Sorry American, you are about a few levels above Derek Smart in my book. dice. Alice was good for it's time but It's a bit played out at this stage I think.

Oh, I'll take another Alice game please! Not sure where you can go with the storyline after Madness Returns, but then there wasn't really any place to go with the storyline after the first game and he did it anyway. So I'm in.

I might consider it if he promises to actually finish this one. The original was great but the controls were often poorly suited to what the game wanted you to do with them and some of the weapons did not play well with the environments you were expected to use them in. Madness Returns had great visuals and much better controls for an action platformer, but everything else was seriously lacking. The levels were spread out and empty, with both enemies and terrain copy-pasted ad nauseum, the last level was a joke culminating in a terrible excuse for a boss, most levels ended in what were clearly lead-ins to boss fights that never happened, and while the story started out well it got far too trite by its conclusion (I definitely don't think it was an improvement to add a real world villain behind all of Alice's problems). If the Madness Returns that got released is actually a finished product (in the sense of having all the content it was intended too), I will gnaw off one of my own legs and then never support McGee again.

I adored the original two. They had some flaws, but ultimately I found them to still be some of the most wonderful gaming experiences I've ever had. I'd gladly buy a new one and support it.

You know, if you're simply wanting to show EA how much interest there is in the franchise, you could...I don't know, do a petition? I'm not handing over money so that American can make a presentation to one of the biggest publishers in the world so that they can decide whether or not they want to make more money off of this. I foresee a major Kickstarter burnout and shit like this is a major part of it.

Actually, the conspiracy-minded side of me says that American asked EA to fund a third Alice, they said they didn't want to foot the bill, so either EA, American, or both decided to put the risk onto the consumers shoulders. And if that's true...fuck all of em'.

Big name folks with deep pockets using Kickstarter bothers me. It makes sense for small up and coming developers to use it, but folks who are well established in the industry and have sizable reserves and publisher connections asking for free money from users who are going to then have to buy the game and get nickel and dimed on top of that...just, just stop. You guys don't need Kickstarter to get your game off the ground, so stop asking for the end user to pay your development costs for you.

Boy, we sure are seeing more and more of these now aren't we.

Do you want an Alice 3?

What if I really don't want it. I found the first one a terrible and superficial interpretation of the source material, didn't even bothered with the second one.

Well, at least the exploiting of Alice should be done for the most part during this decade.

Is now the best time to talk of crowdfunding an EA property that was originally developed by a more modest independent company? Because love and goodwill for old EA-owned IP isn't really at an all-time high right now.

Awesome! We can get Alice 3 going!
*keeps reading*
"I'm only doing this, to catch the eye, of one of the most unscrupulous, corrupt, hated companies in existence. Because they are pretty much sitting on the rights not doing anything."

Here's a better idea: DON'T, TELL THEM, ANYTHING.
Ninja-buy the rights before they notice anything. And get the kickstarter running. Okay?

Um, someone explain to me how EA can actually owns the rights to American McGee's name and the very public domain Alice.


How about he makes "American McGee's 3rd Person Game That is Based On A Dark Interpretation of Alice In Wonderland, But Is In No Way Related To EA's IP".

Maybe Disney will fund it for a late movie tie-in
Or ABC for the upcoming 'Once Upon A Time' Mad Hatter spin-off
Or NBC for their upcoming darker interpretation/grown up Alice TV series 'Wonderland'.

EA owns nothing that can hold up in court as long as AM does some character redesign.


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