Lone Survivor Heads to PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor Heads to PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor will be coming to PlayStation platforms this summer with new content, Trophies, Cross Buy and Cross Save.

In case you haven't heard, Lone Survivor is pretty good. An independently developed 2D survival-horror game, it earned accolades from many critics, some of whom regarded it as one of the best horror titles in years. Originally released for Mac and PC, it will soon be bumping elbows with the console crowd. Curve Studios has revealed that it will be working with the game's creator, Jasper Byrne, to port Lone Survivor to the PS3 and Vita. Slated for release this summer, the PS3/Vita versions of Lone Survivor will feature exclusive content including new items, locations, and side quests not available in the original game.

Lone Survivor will be the second major indie game announced in recent months to be receiving a PS3/Vita port. These ports are likely a result of concerted efforts by Sony to bring more indie games to their hardware. For Jasper Byrne, it didn't take much convincing. "Lone Survivor's release on PlayStation consoles is a dream come true for me," said Byrne. "I've been a big fan of Sony's hardware all my life. I really hope the PS3 and Vita owners enjoy the game and its new content."

In addition to the extra content, Lone Survivor will come packaged with new PSN Trophies as well as Cross Buy and Cross Save options. Buying the game on one platform will yield a free copy for the other, and with Cross Save, players will be able to move their game seamlessly between the two versions at will.

The presence of Cross Buy is heartening as individuals within Sony itself have pointed to it being one of the keys to making the Vita a more enticing purchase. Then again, the recent Japanese price cut seems to be doing more than well enough on that front. Vita sales in Japan have risen dramatically, even eclipsing its main competitor, the 3DS, in the most recent sales charts. Even so, a steady stream of content like Lone Survivor can only help matters. Hopefully we'll be seeing more games like it coming to PlayStation platforms in the future.


I really enjoyed Lone Survivor, great sound design and setting. A decent length for an indie as well. Also scarier than most games that pretend to be scary (I'm looking at you dead space)

It should work quite well on a handheld

For some reason I thought it was already on the Vita.

In any case, I've heard awesome things about it and I think it would work really well on it. I guess since it's finally on both the Vita and PS3 I have no excuse not to get it. :D

Sony's outlook will be a lot better if they're graded on a Curve.

Modsbannit, do I really have to buy this gem again?

Why you make exclusive content?!

*sigh* Ah well. Probably gonna do it. It was a great game.

Absolutely great game. Buy it.

This is a minor point and a personal peeve of mine, but does anyone feel that trophies and achievements rather hurt and cheapen the powerful and emotional experience of a game such as this? If I get a trophy because I made a certain decision in a game, or receive a certain ending, I shouldn't be doing it because I want to get a certain trophy, and basing how I replay something based on the trophies I missed last time.

As I said, this is probably a non-issue for most people, but I hate it when a game with an actually gripping story (painfully rare as that is for me) suddenly pops up some stupid little icon and has to congratulate me for something (potentially terrible) I just did.


Search: Cross buy


I already own the game, but this is great news. More people should play this game, it is absotively fantastical.

New content kinda sucks for me, but eh, I can see why he'd want to make the release more special. Hopefully it'll be ported over to PC at some point.

This is both very uplifting and very infuriating. New content for my favorite indie game ever... awesome! Content is exclusive to a console I don't own... you son of a gun!

I'm glad to read that Jasper included "initially" to the phrase "adding additional content into the game, initially exclusive to the PS3 / Vita", otherwise I think I'd have the entitled human equivalent to a melt down.

Lone Survivor was great, whether you're a hardcore survival horror fan or not. One of my favorites from last year, and I'm glad more people will be able to hear about it and play it.

YES! Keep it up Sony. I want more games like this on the vita. I'll be playing a low end pc game and think, "damn, I wish I could play this on my vita". And cross buy is always awesome. I'll buy it with the $10 Sony gave me


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