Out Of Nowhere Atelier Totori Plus Hits The Vita

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Lvl 64 Klutz:

Mana Khemia is sort of an unofficial Atelier title, made by the same team and all.

Yep, Gust as a developer is known for three game series: Ar Tonelico, Atelier, and Mana Khemia. All have plenty of fanservice in them and involve alchemy... Gust loves themselves some alchemy.

Treaos Serrare:

Oh god, please don't remind be about anything Ar Tonelico, jesus the dialogue in that game was bad Especially the life extension crystal scenes

So you don't approve of the scenes where the main character has to insert life-sustaining Diquility crystals in his Reyvatiels' Installer Ports? Heh, you should check out the third game... the MC has to UNinstall a crystal from one of the heroines in that one. Wear headphones... you'll still feel embarrassed, but you won't be publicly embarrassed.

Why is it ALWAYS their first time?

yeah i hadnt played the third one, and honestly it's hard to tell which is worse the Mind-dive scenes with their "adventurous" side or the virginity breaching crystal scenes, and as to your question if memory serves its their first time with someone else doing the inserting, so i guess its a masturbation joke as well as a"it's my first time so be gentle" joke

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