Woman Loves Science, Astounds Facebook

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Where were all these surprised people? I just want to check if the indignation is warranted or overblown. The links don't help.

ummm... How did people not know she was a woman? I been subscribed to IFLS for while and knew when i subscribed. While IFLS isn't that great for actual scientific discoveries and such does have some fun quotes and interesting pictures. Biology/the universe/geology have actual scientific content to learn from. Actually pretty much any scientific field put into facebook will bring up a page with interesting stuff about that field.

...This is the first I have ever heard of I fucking love Science.

I am way behind the curve on all that social networking BS.

It... ...wasn't... ...obvious?

This is news?



I joined science so I could meet moar chicks



Isn't it more likely that the name 'Andrew' is a boy name and so the assumption that Andrews is male a natural one to make?

I'd always assumed the page was run by multiple people. More surprised that it's controlled by one person than that it's a woman.

Would be, except Andrews is clearly a surname because of the S at the end. Like, I've never met anyone with the first name Michaels or Reynolds or whatever; the S almost always denotes a surname.

I did assume it was multiple people too, though. Give the seemingly endless barrage of images, I'd figured there was a company of the motherfuckers working round the clock.

Except it isn't Andrews though, the article states her name is Elise Andrew, no 'S'. And seeing as she is always referred to as "Andrew" it's unlikely to be a simple spelling error.
No I've never actually heard of this group or this woman in any memorable context, but I can see why people might be confused if she always referred to herself as simply "Andrew", because as you said a surname is more easily identified with a 'S' on the end.
I do find it a bit concerting that peoples reactions aren't "Huh, so she's a chick? Never knew" as opposed to actually commenting/tweeting/screaming-at-the-mirror "OMG ANDREW FROM IFLS IS TOTALLY A GURL!"

I was expecting much more from this thread, I thought it was going to be some angry rant at how people think there are no female scientists.

I thought her name was Andrew Elise (rather than Elise Andrew). So, my confusion on her gender was less about pre-conceived notions of gender roles, and more about misreading an name.

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