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I've been a Diablo fan since '96, when I descended into the bowels of Tristram to vanquish the Lord of Terror.

I looked forward to Diablo 3 for over ten years. Years of Ba'al runs, Uber Tristram, and Hell cowing, because I loved it. I was so ready for D3 to blow me away. I waited anxiously to find out the repercussions of Tyrael's destruction of the Worldstone. I mean, the fuck? The Worldstone is what MADE Sanctuary....well, a sanctuary. I don't recall anyone, not even Tyrael himself, mentioning it in the game.

And that's before the rest of the atrocious plot sinks in. Add the RMAH, online bullshit, and losing Hardcore characters to lag {in single player, of course}, I was totally crushed at how disappointed I was at I game I should have been loving.

My hatred of Blizzard would make Mephisto proud. My desire for the destruction of this game and everything it has become would see me rise as Ba'al's strongest servant. The terror I wish to inflict on those who mutilated one of my favorite franchises would make Diablo smile.

Like the Dark Wanderer, I have become the very thing I set out to destroy.

And one last thing: Fuck the Witch Doctor. I want my Necromancer back.

Given the now existent history, if this game sells like gangbusters, my disappointment will not be with Activision-Blizzard, it will be with the gaming community. If the game community keeps being so willing to reward crap, then crap is what will be made. Take a stand and vote with your wallet. Say NO to Diablo 3 (and any other crappy, over-hyped, DRM-crippled game).

Companies hear and understand only two sounds: the creak of your wallet opening and the slap of your wallet closing. All other sounds are considered noise to be ignored.

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