Papo & Yo Coming to Steam

Papo & Yo Coming to Steam

Papo & Yo will make the leap from the PlayStation 3 to the PC in April.

Papo & Yo made quite a splash when it came out last summer, in large part because of its difficult subject matter. The story follows a young boy in a Brazilian favela who seeks a cure for the violent compulsions of his companion, a large, pink beast called Monster. It's an environmental puzzle game, but it's also a challenging look at the very hard topic of child abuse.

The game originally launched in August 2012 as a PSN exclusive, but a PC release is now set to arrive on Steam next month. Minority Media Creative Director Vander Caballero told Game Informer that he still receives letters from people dealing with abusive relationships and is excited to finally be able to bring the Papo & Yo experience to PC users.

Papo & Yo on the PC will bring a number of enhancements to the table, including better graphics and new visual effects, improved character animations and cinematics, "more robust gameplay" with numerous bug fixes and support for multi-monitor setups and Steam's Big Picture mode. The controls have been improved as well (and game controllers will be supported), which will hopefully address one of the leading complaints in The Escapist's review of the PSN version of the game.

The PC version of Papo & Yo is set to hit Steam on April 18.

Source: Game Informer


Can we just make a news article that says "All exclusive downloadable titles coming to Steam" and be done with it?

That has to be one of the best video game trailers, ever.

And another one. Awesome. =D

Lvl 64 Klutz:
Can we just make a news article that says "All exclusive downloadable titles coming to Steam" and be done with it?

So you can complain that the headline is misleading because it is not in fact all games?

Why complain that a game is being released to a wider audience? If you like a game, why would you only want it on a certain system? I wish every game was released for every system.

A lot of exclusives have been going to Steam lately, & that's great, but I am legitimately excited to hear about this one

So, Sony... my old pal... let's talk Journey & Unfinished Swan ;)

Hurray! Put ALL the games on Steam!

Not only do I rarely have access to a PS3, but now I can buy it when it goes on sale. Steam is a truly wonderful thing.

I heard this game was shit and broken to hell (on the consoles) so why is this good news? (Unless they severely fixed the problems)


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