Larian Takes Divinity: Original Sin to Kickstarter

Larian Takes Divinity: Original Sin to Kickstarter

The next chapter in Larian's Divinity RPG franchise is looking for some funding help from the crowd.

As a new entry in a long-running franchise being developed by a well-established indie studio, you might think that Divinity: Original Sin could have done its thing without going to the Kickstarter well. And you'd probably be right - but if Richard Garriott can ask for a million bucks to do whatever it is he's got going then I don't think we can begrudge a request for assistance from a few guys in Belgium.

It's been almost a year since our first look at Divinity: Original Sin, an isometric single-player RPG with turn-based combat and co-operative multiplayer. It appears much more akin to its predecessors Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity than the more recent Divinity II: Ego Draconis (which I would consider a good thing) and Larian claims it's the best RPG it has ever made. But with development winding down, it'd like to do even more with the game.

The studio is looking for $400,000 from Kickstarter in order to increase the size of the development team and maximize Original Sin's gameplay potential. "Our main interest is to increase the depth and diversity of the game," the Kickstarter states. "For instance, we want to guarantee that each quest has a meaningful choice/consequence mechanic. We want to ensure that where it makes sense, there are multiple ways to solve a quest. And when you move off the beaten path, no matter where, something interesting awaits you."

As usual, there are all sorts of pledge tiers ranging from $5 to $10,000 and plenty of rewards to go around, and unlike most videogame Kickstarters, Divinity: Original Sin is well along and will happen regardless of whether or not the crowd comes through. The biggest risk, according to Larian, is that if the funding goal is met, it could result in a launch delay.

The Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter runs until April 26, and you can find out more about the game itself at


Good news for rpg fan's. Larian fought long and hard to make divinity with its ridiculous name a viable and respectable rpg brand. Divine Divinity still makes me smirk thinking about the name but damn it was a great game for it's time. I salute them.

I actually like Divinity 2: Ego Draconis better than Divine Divinity. The isometric view of DD was a painful reminder of the mind numbing button mashing of the Diablo series.

I am playing through Divine Divinity now and it's really sucking me in, one of the best games I've played in a while.

Well its definitely getting some funding from me. Divine Divinity was honest to god one of my favourite RPGs (still is) and if it's anything like it then it ought to be excellent fun.

They should have offered immediate access to a level or two and this would take off like a rocket, as it stands now however they might not even make it.

I actually like Divinity 2: Ego Draconis better than Divine Divinity. The isometric view of DD was a painful reminder of the mind numbing button mashing of the Diablo series.

According to Jim Sterling, it isn't :)

Looks like a game from 2005. Temple of Elemental Evil was much prettier. The first thing they should do is get a decent font, the current one makes it look like a casual game. Which it might end up being, who knows?

Also, it's not isometric. If they want it to be isometric the people in the distance should be the same size as the people right in front of the screen. That applies to all objects.

Man, the dialogue mechanics, all the elements interacting in combat, the pure interactivity with the world and NPCs... Sucks this isn't getting more attention. It looks to be one of the most innovative RPGs in recent memory.

You want to help the funding of Larian's fine new RPG Divinity: Original Sin a bit more than you've already done and spread the word about it at the same time?

Well, here's your chance: Join the Weresheep of Original Sin (WOOS), a bunch of die-hard fans of Divinity fans in the KS comment section!

How to become a member? It's quite simple: Upgrade your pledge by 6 $ and you're in. Yes, it's really that simple. You don't have to pass a test, you don't have to choose a specific tier. The cult of the Weresheep of Original Sin is open to everyone as long as s/he adds this small fee of 6 $. If you've done so simply expand your Kickstarter-Username with "- Weresheep of Sin" or "WOOS" and start commenting on Kickstarter. Proudly demonstrate your membership to this very special cult of the most devoted Divinity fans and help spreading the word about our movement among all backers of Original Sin and other projects on KS!

Why exactly 6 $? Well, it's the diabolic number and as we're weresheep we considered the number quite appropriate. And as the weresheep infection spreads over Rivellon and your addiction to Divinity gets bigger you may decide for yourself to even up your contribution to 11 $, the number of elemental sin and evilness.

What do you get in return? Nothing apart from the feeling of being a special fan amongst some already extraordinary people. Yes, it's a matter of fandom, passion and love. There is no physical or digital reward in it. Don't feel impelled to do so, this is just our way to demonstrate our love for that kind of CRPGs and to support the funding of Divinity: Original Sin.


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