Metal Gear Solid V Drops David Hayter As Voice Of Solid Snake

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He better not talk the whole game then Hayter is Snake just like Ironside is Sam Fisher which is why I won't play the next Splinter Cell but is Snake even in the game? All I seen from the trailer was Big Boss.

Hmm, I do feel bad for him but I can kinda understand why the did it, at least gameplay-wise?

Big Boss and Snake have the same voice actor in Snake Eater and the other Snake games. It is only until MGS4 that the two of them meet and they suddenly have different voices, Snake keeping the David Hayter voice. So assuming this is true, that Snake had a very similar voice to young Big Boss because of genes or whatever, it would make sense to see a change in Big Boss' voice so that we understand why they suddenly sound different in MGS4. Does that make sense?

Still, sucks for David. No one can even hope to replicate his voice. No one.

Daystar Clarion:
Gotta be a ruse.

There's no way they'd just drop Hayter.

He is Solid Snake.

I sense tricksy Kojima shenanigans.

He never said that he wasn't doing the voice. All he did was say that Konami didn't come up to ask him to reprise his role. Maybe he went to them?

But now back to reality. I thought he said he didn't even want to do Snake anymore after MGS4?


Like when proudly showing of Revengeance to the press it was him that walked out onto the stage and showed off 'his' game (was it the 2011 Spike's? Can't remember). Then when the reaction was let's say... muted, suddenly it's Platinum Games fault and he's publishing videos of the development team apologising for the crappy job they've done while he says it's nothing to do with him. It was a very public humiliation for people he was all too keen to pretend didn't exist when the hype was on his side.

Apologies, this statement is just eating me up inside.

Voila, link!

If you look at many other stories, it wasn't that he was blaming PG, but was actually blaming himself & *especially* the original team - which was not Platinum Games for developments not going well at all. He was going to scratch it, but the team picked it up and saved it from death.

I apologize for whoever told you that monstrous tale you posted. Seems like the article you read was very anti-Kojima.

Well, was a good series while it lasted. Sorry, but the character of Snake pretty much is just the voice. It's like Indiana Jones without the hat, it just isn't going to work.

I'm perfectly fine with this.

Frankly I'm getting sick of the hoarse voice of Snake, it's a caricature at this point. Made sense in Guns of the Patriots because he was dying of old age and smoking, but for Peacewalker days, no thanks.

I'm okay with it. People need to relax with the whole "characters need to be exactly the same for the next 25 years" trope.

Kevin Conroy might be able to fill those collosal shoes...but honestly no one can.

Also captcha is "can't have nice things" O.o

I'm not quite sure I can deal with that much fanboi love for one man. Batman and Snake, that's just too much power!

OT: I'm really sad to see Hayter go, but it could be a cunning ruse yet, April 1st is coming up after all.

Otherwise, well... Richard Doyle voiced Big Boss in MGS4, so it was inevitable that it would come eventually, BB is getting old and he did just come out of a coma, so he could've sustained damage to his throat, changing his voice somewhat (?) i dunno if thats even possible in real life.

The real issue is that this could be the last link for Big Boss to Metal Gear 1 (the nes game), which means the snake story would be entirely complete, short of remaking MG 1 and 2, there's not much else they can do with the two Snakes. I know, port Portable Ops to a console so I can bloody play it!

Rogue 09:
Did anyone else notice that in Metal Gear Rising, Raiden also was doing the gravely voice? It was incredibly distracting, because whenever he did it all I could think was "They're just trying to copy Snake". With a Snake/Big Boss replacement, it is only going to be worse.

To be fair, I don' think they were doing to invoke Snake, just try and show Raiden totally losing his shit and it sort of fits with Raidens character, not only that he's almost entirely a cyborg at this point, so his vocals are likely synthesised, and Raidens "normal" voice (ala MGS2) is a bit too...soft, for him to impose any attempt at a threatening presence, I can certainly see Raiden putting on a gravelly voice. Plus he is a psychopath.


Somehow I doubt Hayter has been dropped as the voice of Solid Snake and more likely Naked Snake's voice actor is changing. I believe it's still possible that we may eventually see another game with Solid Snake taking place before the Shadow Moses Incident. Not likely, but possible.

That seems more likely.
Depending on how far the timeline of Metal Gear Solid 5 covers, it could be a total bait and switch.
Just like the Tanker chapter in MGS2.
Start with Big Boss, and then hey look a young Solid Snake.

I'm having a hard time believing Solid Snake got involved with world saving before Outer Heaven. Would diminish the fact that a rookie was capable of destroying an entire establishment all by himself.

I apologize for whoever told you that monstrous tale you posted. Seems like the article you read was very anti-Kojima.

Well, I stand corrected.

Put it down to a massive dose of wrong-end-of-stick-ium on my part.

They're dropping Hayter for NAKED Snake, aka Big Boss, not Solid Snake. I can't complain, as long as it's Richard Doyle.

P.S. Thanks

So Hayter's out as the voice of Big Boss? And we're sure it's not Kojima pulling our legs?
I... I have to go hide in my box.

Sounds a lot like Troy Baker to me which these days is becoming more recognisable than Nolan North. Not that he's a bad voice actor I actually like his work, I just wish he'd stop being typecast as a cocky bastard.

I would have rathered Kiefer Sutherland (the Ishmael guy) as he's a lot more distinguished and can play the hardened war vet quite well.

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