Bungie Would Like to Show You Destiny's Aliens

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I'm calling those fat guys with the guns "hammerbro's", the one's you can see around the one minute mark.
that's literaly the first thing to pop into my mind.

OT: the designs looks really cool, you ca definately see that they are still heavily influenced by their HALO past, let's just hope the gameplay is more different from HALO.

I was excited for this game when I first saw some vague stuff about it, now they're just showing more vague stuff and my interest begins to wane. But the brief synopsis of the plot sounds quite good, and some of the designs look cool, if uninteresting, but I'm sure there'll be more to it. I am optimistic for this game, and that rarely happens for me.

Besides, it the first SHARED WORLD SHOOTER! Seriously though, could someone please explain what that means.

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