Dig In to Pie Day 2013!

Dig In to Pie Day 2013!

If you like pie and videogames, today may well be your best day of the year.

According to legend, a developer at Volition one day long ago decided to give up sweets for Lent. The day after Lent, he decided to reward himself with pie, so he ate a pie - the whole thing. The following year, others joined in, and boom, Pie Day was born.

The tradition has since blossomed beyond just Volition to include participants from Irrational, ZeeGees, HitPoint Studios, Disney Studios, BioWare, FireHose Games and more. This year, you can watch the carnage live on Twitch.tv and see if someone out there has the guts (literally) to gorf an entire pie in under seven minutes.

And you can take part, too! All you need is a pie of standard nine inch size or larger, sufficient will to eat the whole damn thing or make yourself sick trying, and some free time around 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time today. Which is about one hour from now - sorry for the short notice - but you have a little bit of time to hustle down to the bakery if you're not already pie-equipped, as the official Pie Day checkered flag doesn't fly until 8 pm EDT. If you have your pie eaten - all of it! - by the appointed hour, you are victorious, and glory will be showered upon your house and your people. Fail, and the albatross pie of shame shall be slung around your neck.

If you're taking part in the festivities, you're encouraged to tweet before and after pics of your pie with the hashtag #PieDay2013; if you just want to witness the awesome horror, you can watch Volition suck it down at twitch.tv/volition, while FireHose slams it back at twitch.tv/firehosegames.



Coming from Volition, I assume that this is reality, not a fantasy

But I don't like pie though, does that mean I'm disqualified?

That's really very confusing considering March 14th is Pi Day. Should have made up another name or at least hashtag that's not going to lead to obvious clashes between #PiDay and #PieDay.

I couldn't wait

And the award for the most obvious April Fools Day joke goes to...

Actually this is Volition we're talking about...

I don't really like pie anyway, all you pie maniacs can enjoy this "Pie Day" without me thank you very much >:(

Please! It's 18 days too late for Pie Day.

Wooah! I just put a pie in the oven 10min ago.

Just what I needed, another excuse to eat so much sugar I wind up in a diabetic coma.

Please! It's 18 days too late for Pie Day.

Pi put on a little weight. It's now 4.1.12.

Which ruins many of its wonderful properties, but it still has a good personality.

That's really very confusing considering March 14th is Pi Day.

Please! It's 18 days too late for Pie Day.

My thoughts exactly.

I don't just make this stuff up, you know.



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