Researchers Introduce Aromatic Advertising

Researchers Introduce Aromatic Advertising


Japanese researchers have invented LCD screens with precision smell projectors.

It's not a big secret that quite a bit of what people taste actually comes from smell. It makes sense; when you have a burger on the grill it's not the taste of dripping meat fat that makes your mouth water, it's the delectable aroma of the beef as its sizzles to juicy perfection that leaves you panting like a hungry dog. The fact that our hunger is governed largely by our noses is something that advertisers, thanks to researchers, may soon be able to take advantage of.

Invented by Haruka Matsukura and colleagues at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, the "smelling screen" has the ability to precisely project smells from an LCD screen. In the case of advertising this could mean Starbucks ads that smell like coffee, Cinnabon screens that smell like cinnamon buns, and McDonald's ads that smell like cheeseburgers.

The technology works by employing gel pellets that vaporize into four gentle streams of odorized air. The streams can be targeted to make it seem as though a specific spot on the screen is the source of the smell, rather than just blasting the area in general with the delightful scent of cheeseburger.

While Matsukura has also suggested the technology could be used to improve experiences like museum exhibits, the possibilities for this as an advertising tool could be tremendous, as could the implications. For instance, I love bacon. I would eat it at every meal if I could do so without dying. Now, thanks to Mr. Matsukura, I can picture a future where there's bacon smells wafting out of every wall. Bacon coming out of billboards and through my television. Bacon screaming at me so loudly that I can't help but drive to Wendy's and eat Baconators until I'm huddled in a corner and weeping from shame.

Thank you Japan. Truly this was necessary.

Source: New Scientist


fantastic. now i have more reason to aviod the shops. to protect my waist line

Thank you Japan. Truly this was necessary.

In all honesty, this says pretty much everything that needs to be said about this invention. I don't think I've ever met someone who said "You know, this show is great and all, but it would be better if I could smell it!" Nobody wants to smell TV, especially not when it would primarily be used by corporations to influence people into spending more money.

The whole thing just seems incredibly silly at best.

Has anyone else noticed that Google just introduced "Smell Search" as an April Fools joke?

Every year someone does a smell-o-vision joke. Guess it was the Escapist turn at the wheel.

Also nice twist blaming it on japan because "japan is crazy"

Ugh, my office is already located above a deli, and everything here already smells like bacon. If this tech is implemented I may set a record for the world fattest man. My hunger for bacon will be insatiable.

Robot Number V:
Has anyone else noticed that Google just introduced "Smell Search" as an April Fools joke?

So, three possibilities.

A. This is real and google's joke is purely a coincidence
B. Neither is a joke and they are related. Google's real joke is that the smell search IS REAL and is GOING TO HAPPEN.
C. This is pure coincidence and that BOTH websites made the same joke.

Back to original topic: I can predict profits from air-fresher making companies going up 100000% as they blasts the smell of dead-fish into living rooms via adverts.

Vaporizing gel pellets? So either it's a one-off use or you have to refill your TV in order to get the benefit of look and smell of good food without ever getting to taste it? That sounds... silly at best.

On the plus side, it might finally kill the awful "just be glad smellovision hasn't been invented yet" joke.

Two girls one cup experienced like never before... well we might have expected that from Japan.

ah yes, finally we get the yearly traditional joke news report from the escapist and at a good time too, I was starting to become paranoid.

If there's a chance this means there will be no more pretentious and cryptic Brad Pitt perfume commercials, I can live with that.

So you can say "This ad really stinks" and mean it.

I don't think this'll catch on. I mean, where'll you put it? In the mailbox to overpower the unsuspecting homeowner when he opens the door? In a public space with an effective radius of about two feet? Heaven forbid, in the Movie Theater?



now I'm hungry..

LCD screens?

I'm supposed to believe they wouldn't use LED? :P


half of all commercials out there are about stuff that reduces flatulence, vaginal hygiene products, stuff against halitosis, stuff that covers disgusting smells on sofas and unclogs your toilet, treats for your dog that smell like shit and sweaty dudes wanting a specific drink to quench their thirst and mostly the drink is some sort of smelly beer.

Considering how much I loathe advertising you can just imagine how thrilled I am at this news.

More tools for advertisers to manipulate our minds' wants. I love it.

*Looks at date on source article*
Smell-o-vision cometh...

i predict that this will make ad blocking software into huge business, because everyone will try to block those stupid smells.

When I can't tell if it's a joke or true science, we're living in the future.

4chan will make this the worst thing in the world.


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