David Hayter: "Not My Choice" To Give Up Solid Snake

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Unfortunately, the English team for Metal Gear has done this before. In Japan, Liquid Ocelot was voiced by Liquid Snake's voice actor, ala MGS2. However, in the English version, Liquid Ocelot was voiced by Patrick Zimmerman (Ocelot), rather than Cam Clarke (Liquid).

Liquid Ocelot was voiced by Liquid Snake's VA in the Japanese version because Ocelot's Japanese VA had died. They probably stuck with Zimmerman in the English version just because they could.

In fact IIRC, Kojima's attempts to explain a new voice actor for Ocelot was what made him come up with the whole Liquid Ocelot thing.

I think Kojima and Hayter are trolling us, just like suggested by that link to the blog someone posted earlier!

When I heard Hayter wasn't gonna be voicing Snake, the first thing that crossed my mind was "David Hayter asked too much money".
How terribly wrong I was. I really, really should know better than that. He is a big fan of the series, he wrote a movie screenplay for it, he took a paycut to bring back the staff from MGS1 to Twin Snakes. The man appeared in the live action intro of MGS 4. He has voiced Snake in Super Smash Bros, for chrissakes!! I already knew all this things!
Hell, does anyone know if Solid Snake's name being David is just a coincidence? (I always assumed it to be a homage to Mr. Hayter, but I don't know if it predates his envolvment with the series)
He is a great guy (from where I stand, anyway) and never would have pulled a Sean Connery on us!

Then I put the blame on Kojima. But really, he isn't stupid. What would be the reason for him to do that?
Don't give me that "I got tired of the voice" or "new direction in the series", 'cause it makes no sense. Too sudden, too radical. Too gratuitous.

To me, the answer is either very good or very bad!
GOOD: Kojima is playing Hayter very close to the chest for a Solid Snake cameo.
Then people said "but it's the mid 80's, he would be a teenager". Good call, really. But, remember, he would be A TEENAGER WITH ACCELERATED AGING!
We saw Old Ocelot and young Psycho Mantis (I haven't got a single doubt in my mind about those two on the trailer). We are witnessing the birth of Fox Hound. It is time for "Les Enfants Terrible" to show up!
And I also think that "V" may be the 4th clone of Big Boss (that already being brought up also). So the voice can be different.
Anyway, the good version is that the change is completely story related.

VERY BAD: Kojima has been talking on and off about a Metal Gear movie for what? 10 years now? Maybe someone knows better about the status of the project. IIRC it was supposedly (and thankfully) cancelled.
Nonetheless, it is possible that the movie ain't that much dead. And Kojima cast some hot shot hollywood actor for the leading role. Remember, it is Hideo Kojima, master of deception, that we are talking here!
So he may have decided to put this guy voice acting Snake on the game, so that when he goes to the silver screen the fans (me included) will not be complaining about the fact that we prefer Hayter's Snake.

Otherwise, there is NO SENSE in "rebranding" the main character.
Everyone loves what we have. We want more of it. Hayter is a reasonable guy, passionate about the material, and has shown that he is ready to compromise for the benefit of the franchise (the whole Twin Snakes ordeal).

If really there isn't any good story-related reason for not having David Hayter in the starring role, I'm calling it now: Kickstarter for a fan-made PC mod with David Hayter himself as the VA! (yeah, it sound illegal, but can't a man dream?)

I can only hope that they're either trolling us, or Kojima has some covoluted, story-related, bullshit excuse for excluding Mr. Hayter. MGS was one of the first "real" games I played and it's probably the only series I'm remotely fanboysih (is that even a word?) about. I know it's stupid, I know it's childish, I know it's pointless, but I don't think I'll be able to buy a Metal Gear game without David Hayter. Snake was one of my childhood heroes and Hayters cool gravelly voice really helped define the character. Maybe it's for the best. Perhaps we're supposed to see characters we know and love change, evolve, die or in this case get replaced by other voice-actors.
To be honest, I kinda feel bad for the guy who's gonna replace David Hayter. No matter how good he does, some people are still gonna hate him just because....well, just because he's not David Hayter.

If i was a betting man I would throw my money in the "Kojima has some convoluted, story-related, bullshit excuse for excluding Mr. Hayter" hat myself, this is HIDEO FREAKING KOJIMA after all hes almost as nuts as SUDA51 (almost).

Oh well only time will tell...

On this subject, has it just always been my weird misconception that David Hayter kind of looks like Graham?

I was never a fan of MGS (I'm gonna get flogged for that aren't I?) but cutting out the guy who's been the lead from the very start seems pretty idiotic. If the replacement's good though, can't complain. Maybe they'll get Arin Hanson to do it!

Oh please, this happened with Hitman, we'll see enough petitions and bitching from fans that Hayter will have his role back for sure. And I'll be all the happier for it, Hayter IS snake, no ifs ands or buts, that's just how it is.

Actually Kurt Russel is the original "snake" since hes based off snake plissken from the "escape" series of films, but then his fist name would be bob...

No disregard what i said bob "solid snake" plissken doesn't sound right :P


Story will get more pageviews if it says "OMG VA Change in beloved series" than if it says "Guy who was a Big boss once won't him in this game."

While I agree with where you're coming from on that, I still have to point out that you'd get the same result, with far less deception, if the title merely said "David Hayter Won't Be In MGS5" or something to that effect.

Having said that, this isn't just the title of the article, but rather this is stated and implied repeatedly throughout this article AND the previous article.

Also, David Hayter voiced Big Boss in at least three games (MGS3, Portable Ops and Peace Walker). I find it rather amusing that in a series called "Metal Gear Solid", Solid Snake is only playable in 2 1/3 of the games (unless you don't count the games that don't have "Solid" in the title).

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