Stealth Bastard Seeks "Less Profane" Name for PlayStation Release

Stealth Bastard Seeks "Less Profane" Name for PlayStation Release

The makers of Stealth Bastard are holding a "Tactical Naming Contest," with a spot in the credits and a PS Vita hanging in the balance.

Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole was perhaps the best-named game of 2011, and it was apparently a pretty solid game, too - good enough to make it to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this summer. But the bright light of success sometimes has a way of exposing cracks in the firmament, and it appears that what was a clever title for the indie PC scene is a bit too much for the more mass-market Sony audience.

"For Various Reasons™, the versions of Stealth Bastard that appear on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita can't have a swear in their name, and our attempts to think up a new, less naughty name have been uncharacteristically ham-fisted," the Curve Studios team explained. "That's why we want to hear from you, our devoted fans. If you've got a profanity-free idea for a stealthy new name, we want to hear it - and if we like it, we'll give you a credit in the game, a copy of said game and a PS Vita to play it on for your trouble."

Setting aside the inherent silliness of Killzone being perfectly acceptable as a videogame title while Stealth Bastard is somehow beyond the pale, I think it's a shame that Sony is putting the kibosh on such a great title, but on the upside the contest is apparently open to anyone who's at least 16 years of age, anywhere in the world. So if you think you've got an even better name than Stealth Bastard (and you don't, but hey, dare to dream) you can take your shot at fame and fortune at - and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can get a look at Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole Deluxe (that's right, Deluxe) on Steam.


Andy Chalk:
Setting aside the inherent silliness of Killzone being perfectly acceptable as a videogame title while Stealth Bastard is somehow beyond the pale

I say they run with this, take it to its (il)logical extreme. "Sealth Killer: Tactical Espionage Murderer: Genocide Edition"

Stealthy Hooligan: Tactical Espionage PissBoiler.

I'll await my check.

Wait a sec, the name was fine on Steam which has (as of this writing) 973,818 Players In-Game | 4,754,091 Players Online
which I would think is a pretty massive market but Sony has a problem with it? If I had to guess why it's because places like Wal-Mart would probably not sell it owing to them censoring dirty words.

Calling it now:

There's going to be so many homosexual or bathroom jokes on this thread, it will either be hilariously awesome or hilariously bad.

That said, left-handers were considered bastards back in ye olde times. I feel a sort of special kinship with this game. And the only Deluxe Arseholes around here are Sony; you don't see Steam having a problem with the name, do you? No, and that's half the reason they like the money it got from the game.

How about;

Lil' Timmy's Completely PC Hide N' Seek Adventure Fun Time

Or just pull a Tarintino called it Stealth Basterd: Tactical Up Yours Sony

Cynical but very clever, never really heard of it before.

Political correctness can be a real female dog huh?

What about cotton candy funland unicorn park 3? If that isn't a gender stereotype or offensive to unicorns or candy or anything.

Political correctness can be a real bitch huh?

Did you suggest Stealth BSTrD?

I hope they find an even more offensive name that still somehow gets through the validation process.

Stealth Person Whose Parents Were Never Married?

Stealth Wanker? To appeal to the british market more?

Hell this is pretty stupid > > just call it Stealth Bastard it's almost definately going to be a PSN release otherwise you're probably ripping people off.

I do enjoy this game though, very fun, shame it has horrible slowdown if it tries to update.

Stealth In Paris: Tactical Espionage Action, or SIP: TEA as i will come to be known.

Jack Schitt: the Geespot hunter or Wear The Fox Hat you stealth spy!

Stealth Hunter: International Tactical Covert Unit Neutralising Terrorism

Seems to me that Sony is being jerks, and slapping around an indie publisher because they can.

Forget Killzone, understand there is a PSP title called "Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble" that's the actual title, I own it, and it's not a bad RPG/Brawler hybrid. Sadly I doubt any more from the series will make it into the US.

To put it simply if they cam say "Badass" they can say "Arse". What's the differance? Easy the indie publisher can be pushed around a bit more, and doing so probably makes the testes of a Sony exec feel big and manly.

Such are my thoughts.

I think there is something that is missed in this article... The use of the word "Bastard" is not the problem word. It's the user of the term "Arsehole" in the subtitle, or least, it's both of them, not just the one word.

On a side note, it's very very funny how afraid everyone is of a rather insignificant word. When this was released on Steam there were a couple of threads where people said they had to not allow their kids to run Steam until that was off of the new release list, the top sellers list, and they stopped advertising it on the store front page. It's completely stupid, but I can't blame anyone for watching out for their kids. I think the jokes on them, their kids are probably swearing like pirates when mom and dad aren't overseeing their every move.

Another succesful marketing trick get's people to pay attention!
They can't rename it themselves? Right, because making such a game means you have no imagination.

Another good laugh is this gem: "a copy of said game and a PS Vita to play it on for your trouble"
If they didn't give a Vita there wouldn't exactly be people ligning up around the block for this :\

Should just call the game what it is. This political correctness thing has gotta stop.

Political correctness can be a real female dog huh?

Sure is you devious bastard.

I guess if we were being subversive about it you'd have bastard as being an acronym, at the expense of the title becoming so large and unwieldy that you'd really have no choice but to refer to it shorthand.


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