Join The Escapist Live for Slender: The Arrival!

Join The Escapist Live for Slender: The Arrival!


Turn the lights off and enjoy a scare with the Escapist crew!

It's halfway through the work week and we need to unwind, so we're inviting you to join us today for a live stream! Today, starting at 4pm EST (9pm GMT), our own Paul Goodman will be taking on Slender: The Arrival.

If this sounds a bit familiar, that's probably because Paul also took on the beta of The Arrival last month, and many jumps, screams, and laughs were had by all. Today, Paul will be attempting to beat the full game in one sitting over the course of a couple of hours, and given that the game is rather brief, that's probably a rather appropriate goal.

You can watch the stream right here on this post - where we'll embed the stream as soon as we go live - or you can hop over to The Escapist's official page. If you want to chat with other viewers, you'll need to head over to Twitch.


It's probably gunna be a good playthrough, but my chances of watching this are slim.

Currently watching. This is fucking terrifying. Me thinks Yahtee would love this game...

Having the wierdest issue in that I can watch the video here on the escapist...but not on twitch. I can see other videos on twitch but not this one......I have no clue...

Grr, wish I could watch this. It's actually happening at a sensible time and I love watching people being subjected to scary stuff!

Unfortunately my internet connection just can't handle streaming, even at a pitiful 240p. Sad times :(

So this just sold a copy of the game to that i am going to buy it now <.< Would like to see Croshaw review this.

Well that was fun. Thanks for turning off that radio.

Well that was fun. Thanks for turning off that radio.

Was just trying to bring some positive ambiance into the situation :)


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