Ride to Hell: Retribution Lives Free, Rides Hard, Kills Everything

Ride to Hell: Retribution Lives Free, Rides Hard, Kills Everything

If you only watch one debut trailer today, make sure it's the one for Ride to Hell: Retribution, a fast-riding, hard-hitting, bare-knuckled suckerpunch of outlaw biker awesomeness.

The last outlaw biker videogame I ever played was Full Throttle, the mid-90s heavy metal adventure from LucasArts, so I may be a little out of touch when it comes to such things, but I sure don't remember Ben or the Polecats behaving quite this badly. "May contain content inappropriate for children," indeed.

Set in the 60s, Ride to Hell: Retribution will follow the blood-soaked adventures of outlaw biker Jake Conway, a hard man with a gun in his hand, a girl on his lap and revenge on his mind. Jake answers to no law but his own: Two fists. Two Wheels. No Rules.

In a shocking surprise twist, publisher Deep Silver announced two other Ride to Hell games, at the same time! Ride to Hell: Route 666 will have you recruit and lead a gang of bikers from Chicago to LA on Route 66 in "fast-paced arcade combat" action, while Ride to Hell: Beatdown will be a brawler for mobiles. Not a whole lot of detail on either of those at this point.

But really, I'm just here for the video. There's at least one other Deep Silver game famous for a brilliant promotional teaser and gamplay that didn't quite live up to it, and Ride to Hell: Retribution may well be the same. But this trailer - this trailer is cool.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is being developed by Eutechnyx for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and is scheduled to come out on June 25. Ride to Hell: Route 666 is in the care of Black Forest Games for the same platforms but no release date has been announced. You can find out more about all of them (although it's really just Retribution so far) at ridetohell.com.


This trailer looks like a campaign add for prohibition.

Hmn; the game 'Ride to Hell' was announced years ago, will be interesting to see how it develops.

Graphically the game looks like crap. Hopefully the gameplay will be interesting. We need more biker games.

Looks cool. We'll see how the game is, though.

That guy he set on fire probably needs to lay off the flammable hair gel.

WOW!!! I'm so excited. I first saw info on this game over 5 years ago in OXM. the way they described it back then was that your bike was going to be like your dog in Fable 2 (yeah, hows that for time period reference?) and be a part of you, your lifelong companion, and would customizable to your liking. beyond that, it was sorta sounding like a "gta clone". I had thought they scrapped the title. just made my day.

EDIT: I posted that based on the news. now based on the trailer.... ehhhh.... It's going to need fun non-copypasted gameplay to convince me. the graphics and animations looked a little last gen. which I can entirely look past, if the gameplay is worth it.

Looks like a slightly higher quality Postal so I'm expecting it to be not very good at all.

Hang on; where did that pole dancer wearing only a diamante encrusted g-string pull that gun from?

Hang on; where did that pole dancer wearing only a diamante encrusted g-string pull that gun from?

I think it was lying on the floor next to the base of pole. *Rewatchs video* Yep it was lying there before she picked it up.

OT: So my impression of that was "Whut...". Apart from the fact revenge or vengance seems to be a big theme in the game, I don't know anything else. Well if it is anything like the story of Full Throttle and well executed then it could be quite good.

Although checking out the developer "Eutechnyx" who appear to have only made racing games up until now I'm quite skeptical as to the game's final quality. :/


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