Lego Marvel Super Heroes is Here to Save the World... From Toys

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is Here to Save the World... From Toys


Marvel's best and brightest stars join forces in the newest Lego adventure.

Whether you love them or not, Lego games aren't going anywhere in the near future, and if you've already had your fill of Lego-fied versions of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, you'll want to clear your slate for the arrival of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. We got to see the new title during our time at GDC, and while it was a strictly hands-off affair, live gameplay was shown off to give us an idea of what to expect.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a lot like the rest of the blocky, cartoony titles that have come before it, but on a much larger scale. Rather than focusing on a single franchise or game character, the upcoming platformer is a rather all-inclusive affair, bringing together the likes of the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and other Marvel characters into one massive adventure.

As you can imagine, some iconic looking minifigs are present to take on the roles of the heroes, but since larger-than-life heroes like Hulk would look rather silly in such a tiny stature, new "bigfigs" have been introduced. Like past Lego games, the player can switch between characters on the fly, and since certain heroes possess special abilities like flight or super strength, you'll need to swap fairly often to complete objectives.

The most immediately obvious difference between Lego Marvel Super Heroes and past titles is its scale. Rather than focusing exclusively on small-scale battles, objects, and enemies, developer TT Games is going big. This means larger areas to explore, bigger battles with multiple enemies, and some truly massive enemy characters - like a building-sized Sandman, for example.

From what was shown of the game, it looks to be shaping up rather nicely - which shouldn't really be surprising, considering that TT Games seems to have the "Successful Brand + Lego" formula down to a science at this point. The game is scheduled for a release later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, DS, 3DS, Vita, and PC.


I am really looking forward to this. It's Marvel. And it's LEGO. AT THE SAME TIME! What's not to love?

Me and my friend are big fans of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and Lego Star Wars... it's a match made in heaven.

Now if they could do a crossover of LEGO Marvel and LEGO DC then this would be non stop fun

I'll get it as I always have. I haven't gone wrong with a LEGO game yet, not even LEGO Rock Band.

Well, I loved Lego Batman 2 and I'm actually a huge Marvel fan, so I can't wait.

It makes me sad that this is the closest we'll proberly get to seeing Spiderman in an Avengers film... but at least he's made of lego.

I'd say this will make an excellent addition to my future Wii U collection.

First Lego Batman 2, now this. My life is complete.

Me and my friend are big fans of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and Lego Star Wars... it's a match made in heaven.

agreed, i can't wait to see what they do with this!

this will be the first lego game i've bought in a while, but damn if i'm not adding this to my watch list.

Really looking forward to this. Lego games are some of the funniest games out there, and judging by Lego Batman 2, they really know what they're doing with superheroes.

There is nothing about this I don't love. it wrong that I kind of want to see if they've got Rocket Racoon in this? I mean come on, Lego Rocket would be adorable!

Is it bad that I just like Jizzed all over my computer?
I grew up obsessed with Lego and marvel. And I loved all of the past Lego games. This is basically a wet dream and I'm strongly considering getting one of the actual Lego marvel sets they have recently released to promote it
NERDGASM, I had one

This will be epic.

Now... if only Nintendo will make Pokemon Snap 2, I might actually get their WiiU console...

I would love for something down the road that incorporates lego Pirates of the caribbean, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter ect ect

Possible Lego DC vs Marvel in the future?

Also glad it's open to other Marvel characters and not just the ones in the movie.


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