Square Enix Faces 10 Billion Yen Loss in Restructuring Efforts

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Future headline:

Final Fantasy 14 feel well short of expectations when sales didn't reach 100 million units, causing fans to wonder if the FF franchise is in jeopardy. SE quickly assured them that wouldn't be the case by announcing another HD remaster along with the next 3 FF games, FF13-4, 5 and 6


I wish Valve would start outing publishers who pretend the digital/PC market doesn't exist.

Those sales numbers always say excluding digital sales. Effectively meaning I vote with my wallet and give them money. But it has no effect on their decisions, because the people in power have convinced themselves I don't exist.

Interesting note:

DeusEx:HR sold about ~2,8 million copies.

Back then SE said in their fiscal report that that this was a success and it contributed to their overall positive outcome of the quarter.

What made SE think they could double the sales of similar games within 1,5 years?
And why is it now considered a failure when two games beat the Defuse:HR sales clearly?

Tbh I think SE is full of shit here and just looking for a off shore scapegoat to not blame their national devs.
FFXIV and FFvs.XIII anyone?

I'm calling it - CoD tainted sales expectations and game mechanics

Expectations I can see, but...Game mechanics? Explain.

...And yet it's been a few years since that major flux, and I believe that sales for the latest CoD (and CoD competitors) have dropped; could it be that these so-called "gamers" were never gamers at all, just people following a trend until it dried up?

Look, I know everyone hates CoD around here and therefore wants it to fail, but Black Ops 2 broke sales records set a year before...By Modern warfare 3. This is a four year trend, where the biggest launch is a Call of Duty game, and it's as current as the last release.

Maybe we should look at how Call of Duty is actually doing before we talk about the death of it, the fanbase, and the so-called fad. Or maybe it should tell you that your premise is flawed.

At least be happy that you sold over a million.

Now that I can agree with. Sleeping Dogs,a new franchise, sold almost two million copies not counting digital sales. And I know people will be all "True Crime!" But that was a slap-on title that didn't make it out of development, so no. Two million, give or take, is a good number here, especially for a new title.

I wish Valve would start outing publishers who pretend the digital/PC market doesn't exist.

That would require Valve giving real numbers to people, and that has long been Gabe Newell's kryptonite. So don't count on it. Gabe is gaming's Kim Jong-Il. Even when his numbers don't look good compared to more accountable numbers, he insists otherwise, and the Steam market jumps up and supports him because they're in their own niche of the internet that only reports the Kim Jong-Newell side of things.

You probably don't want Gabe outing people. It's more than likely going to be like finding out Santa Claus is just your dad in a red suit and white beard.

It is kind of fascinating how clownshoes SE has become, though it's mostly on the Square side. Eidos is doing fine with quality, but if the newest Tomb Raider selling 3.4 mil is considered disappointing then maybe they should scale back budgets a bit.

The Enix side is also fine quality-wise, but they only ever pump out Dragon Quest once in a blue moon and SE is so convinced the DQ is dead in America that they gave publishing rights to Nintendo...who proved that isn't the case.

The Square side is just a complete joke now. They only pump out FF games and the occasional KH title, but have completely crippled themselves in terms of diversity due to most of the creators of their other series (Mana, Front Mission, Parasite Eve, Ogre Battle, etc) having left due to the bullshit the company is doing nowadays. And that's before you get into the fact that its current pool of talent is PATHETIC. When Kitase keeps trying to cram a talentless hack like Toriyama down our throats as the next Sakaguchi, the execs clearly show they have no eye for talent. And poor Nomura keeps getting screwed over with Versus XIII delays from Toriyama yanking team members away from the VS XIII team so he can keep trying to convince us Lightning is some deep, revolutionary character (she's not, Toriyama). Square just really needs a refresh on talent and they could start by sacking idiots like Kitase and Toriyama.

Oh, for crying out loud.

You know, thinking on it, I'd have to say that the Western-developed games that Square Enix has published have made it the publisher with perhaps the best track record I've experienced. I got a huge kick out of DX:HR, Tomb Raider, Hitman, etc. - haven't tried Sleeping Dogs, but I'm tempted.

It's preposterous that when they're making progress in diversifying themselves away from the anchor of the Final Fantasy Franchise, giving them room to survive any potential pitfalls there, they then take that progress and throw it under the bus so they can avoid lowering expectations - which, frankly, might be a good thing for them.

I mean, are they this self-deluded, or are they trying to look strong on the home front, or is there something I'm not seeing here?

Either way, they'd best leave their western IPs and devs alone. I like their stuff, dammit.

Can we stop pretending that Square Enix's troubles don't stem from having to make the same MMO twice? Sales for those games weren't as high as you wanted? Okay, now explain why you needed them to be so high.

While it may make sense to a more academic mind, as a business, you never, ever EVER publicize your weakness or operating figures unless you're absolutely required to (usually by law).

Savvy competitors can pick up on those weaknesses and exploit them in a number of ways.
It's why you always see companies eager to produce full sales figures up front when the going is good, but incomplete sales figures when something bombs.

Again, except where required by law.

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