Rumor: Durango Peripheral Offers Xbox 360 Compatibility

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Can we stop with the reporting of rumors and just wait until we have 100% from the horses mouth confirmation or just wait until the durn thing comes out?


Unfortunately, it's a sort of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario.
This story would pop up in Gaming Discussion, even if it didn't here.

And even if not here on The Escapist, then every other gaming site would have it covered.

Here's an exclusive picture of the Xbox mini!


Grouchy Imp:

RJ 17:

Grouchy Imp:

I hope so. If this is the case I'm going to borrow all of my friends' game libraries over the next few months. :P Such a system wouldn't work IRL.

Yeah, that's pretty much the point that I was getting at. Hell, I could add another 40 games or so to my library with stuff that I've rented.

I'd say that they could just have you pop the game into the actual console and it installs it onto the Mini, but the article said that it downloads it from the net free of charge. Soooooo, the hell is it supposed to work if not just giving you every game your gamerscore says you've played?

I think this is the way it goes with unconfirmed rumors. There's no way in hell such a system could work and so 'unconfirmed sources' are basically out to spread shite. Like I said, basically trolling on an unreleased system. I'm not going to defend MS here, the fact that they have yet to deny some of the more contentious details of the Durango system lend the rumors weight, but I think I'd rather hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

But on the off-chance: you got any good games I could borrow? :D

I think that we have moved into the realm of rumors ontop of rumors. The people at Micro$oft are just feeding the flames to get people to talk about the next system they are making. I will start skipping any new stories about this system until they make a REAL statement about the damn thing. This is just getting ridiculous at this point.

Well that's novel. In order to get backwards compatibility with the 360, you essentially have to buy a mini-Xbox 360.

As long as it's as succesful as the 360's HD-DVD add on...

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