Lost Planet 3 Release Date Slips Again

Lost Planet 3 Release Date Slips Again

The legendary Daniel Boone was famous for once saying "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks." Perhaps Capcom can relate. This is the third time Capcom has moved the goal posts on Lost Planet 3. What started as an "early 2013" release became June, which has now become August 27.

Lost Planet 3 continues the snow-and-giant-monsters motif set by the previous games as the muscle-bound Jim Peyton researches energy sources on the planet E.D.N. III. While the details are still scant, we can be certain that the "researching" will involve shooting monsters until they explode, which sounds like good lab work if you can find it. While sequentially a greater number than the previous installments, Lost Planet 3 has been described as "an open world prequel of sorts".

Hopefully the two month slip won't be too distressing to anxious fans. While Capcom hasn't commented on the change, recent press releases simply mention the new date.

While the previous Lost Planet games have been developed directly by Capcom, this latest installment is coming from Spark Unlimited. They got their start with Call of Duty: Finest Hour and went on to release other shooters like Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary. They also have Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z in the works for 2013 as well.

Lost Planet 3 will launch on August 27 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


So...basically it's going to be bad. Look at that developer.

So...basically it's going to be bad. Look at that developer.


Lost Planet 1 was nice but everyone (myself included) hated the thermal being so limiting.

Lost Planet 2 came along and did some very nice things with co-op, but got some fundamentals horribly wrong. Co-op on the same console means you can't go online into a party (why? Surely the difference in rendering 2 extra characters + 2 viewpoints couldn't be that much to tip it over the edge?) or the fact that all the online games being p2p predominantly had US hosts with crappy internet, thus making all the rest of us lag to hell.

Too bad Burnie isn't here, nobody could release a game on time like him.

I'm really hoping Capcom defies my doubts and this turns out to be at least interesting -- I'm not expecting perfection from Spark Unlimited. So much of this game reminds me of Jon Scalzi's writing with a bit of Dead Space thrown in.... I really hope it pulls it out in the end

Hopefully it will be good, but I'm gonna wait for reviews on this one.

So basically they've lost the planet again!

Anyone tried down the back of the sofa?

At least they have the balls to admit that it's not ready for shipping, and then try and fix it, instead of just slaping it on a disc and sending it out for people to buy.

Unlike certain other companies. Yes EA, I'm looking at you.

But yeah, kudos for that at least.

Let us sum up the angry thread goers who are still sore about MML3. "Oh Capcom, you cheeky bastards." There, I just saved you a rant, some whining, and a little bit of repressed masochism.

I thought Lost Planet 3 was already released a while back with tacked on coop and under the name of Dead Space 3.

not to sound negative but Spark Unlimited doesn't exactly have a great looking track record there lol...


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