Man Stabbed in Internet Cafe, Gamer Plays On

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I've heard of jaded but what the hell man that is...

Well....I'm kind of depressed now.

This... doesn't really have much to do with gaming or whatever else the other people in the cafe were doing.

Anywhere with high population density like that... makes the Bystander Effect very strong.

The Bystander Effect is essentially...

Alice asks for help from anyone nearby.

Bob keeps doing whatever because he assumes the next person will take care of it.

Carly keeps doing whatever she's doing because she assumes the next person will take care of it...

and so on...

the more people you have in an area... the stronger the Bystander Effect gets.

So video games are actually APATHY simulators.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!! that is messed up!

If the coffee was so good that the coffee drinkers would just continue sipping their lattes undisturbed, then yes, kind of.

The correct answer to his question was "no", actually, and I really shouldn't have to explain why.

If a "distraction" is merely a tangent to the actual problem at hand, then it's not actually part of the core problem at all so much as a sad coincidence. This isn't a game problem, nor is it necessary a problem with the gamer's psyche, it'ssimply another sad example of basic psychology concepts.

You see, it's not the fact that this murder took place in an internet cafe full of gamers, but about the reaction of said gamers to this grizzly event. That's why I think this is valid news for a gaming community. And I scoff at your opinion that Escapist is becoming like Kotaku.

Why? They're releasing more questionable stories every day, with things that have no real connection whatsoever to the game industry. And some of their writers create deliberate flame-bait material designed for hits and to rile up fan bases. I think the comparison is rather apt, actually.

Now, what games could possibly be so good that you'd ignore a guy getting shanked right next to you?

It has *nothing* to do with the game he/she was playing. It's classic psychology in action, the person in question was so engrossed in their task that they ignore outside stimuli. Combine this with the bystander effect and you have a recipe for disaster, as people will be unwilling to stop the murder even if they notice it happened, under the (mistaken) presumption that someone else will jump in and handle it.

Again, the reason this isn't gaming news is because the scenario in question doesn't even require a video game to occur. It happens every single day in real life, in a whole host of other locations that don't even have computers in the vicinity. The assertion that this is somehow "gaming news" simply because a single patron in the cafe happened to be playing video games is simply ludicrous.

I find the aghast reactions more comical than the actual event.

Sorry but if the people in proximity to the event could not even be compelled to care, then why should anyone else? Or is that a thing now? Proactively seeking things to be offended and upset over.

I wanna say I'm not surprised by this, but the world always finds a way to make me sigh somehow. I hope the value of human life doesn't plummet to the point where we're disposable in each others eyes.

Heh, what games do they play that somehow they can't even learn anything heroic by saving the poor guy?

Well, this is not new. Didn't a man suffer a heart attack at a place like that and they only found out he died a couple of hours later when they had to close the place for the night? And the place was also packed with people playing games and stuff?

Still, this might sound grim but it would be pretty hilarious to see what happened to the people he was playing with before he got stabbed:

Narutard223: hey man u ther?
SoulxCrushx: hes not moving
Narutard223: fuk him he ditch again lets bail
SoulxCrushx: lol n00b

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