Halo 4 DLC Sees Discounts For One Day Only

Halo 4 DLC Sees Discounts For One Day Only


With Halo 4's Castle Map Pack now available, Microsoft wants to offer you a bit of incentive to grab the rest of the game's extra content - but you'll need to hurry to grab it all.

The Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 debuted this week. That would be news in an of itself, but in an effort to pull in even more extra cash from Halo fans, Microsoft has opted to discount all previous DLC releases for the game.

The big caveat here? This sale runs for one day only. Either you buy these packs at a discount today, or you're stuck paying full retail price tomorrow.

So, what kind of discounts are we looking at? According to Microsoft, both the Crimson Map Pack and the Majestic Map Pack are each now now available for $7.50 (instead of their usual $10 price tag). Likewise, the War Games Map Pass has been discounted from $25 to a more wallet-friendly $20. You can find all of these discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but again, they're only valid for today, so if you're interested we'd recommend you hurry over and grab your discounted content ASAP.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Castle Map Pack will set you back $10. It's too early for this addition to see a discount, though buying the discounted War Games Map Pass will allow you to grab all three DLC packs for what is effectively two-thirds of their normal pricing. If you've got the scratch and don't already own any of the DLC packs, that's definitely the way to go.

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Not very much of a discount, I'll pass, the normal maps are fine and with that new Forge man that was just released, I think me and my friends will have enough fun.

Slow news day, eh?

I'm surprised that Microsoft could discount anything, and besides, the game has been out for months, so I doubt that this will breathe more life into the Multiplayer.

Still kind of nice though.

Perhaps I've been spoilt by Steam sales, because a 25% discount isn't enough to get me to buy something that I only have a small interest in.

How many maps are there in these packs anyways?
10$ for a map pack seems steep, are they just greedy or has it to do with the certification cost for updates?

I know you shouldn't complain about discounts, but...

Hot damn, a one day only 25% discount? That's not exactly a good deal.

Have they advertised this at all? Discounting something for a single doesn't seem very bright.

haha nope.

Havent paid my xbox live in weeks now dont really see how 1 horrible map pack ,one mediorce and 1 actually good one gonna bring me back to the franchise.

Oh goody more content that should have been in the original game but they are now making us pay for latter >_>
Yeah I'm not a fan of DLC mainly because I can't get it [long story don't ask-really connecting my xbox to the internet is too much of a hassle] and so I always feel like I'm missing out and that I'm being screwed over when content I really want is released as DLC >_<

Remember when maps use to be free? Pepperidge farms does. Seriously I'm tired of waiting for the collective outrage of gamers to just stop buying this stuff. I don't think it's going to happen though so I'll just have to continue my own personal boycott.


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