Dark Souls Sells 2.3 Million Copies

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Square-Enix would call that "depressingly underwhelming"...no, wait, the game was developed in Japan: "GLORIOUS VICTORY!!"

Hats off to From Software, they've got a well-deserved hit on their hands. Now just throw a GODDAMN bestiary into the next game explaining the backstory of some of these MAGNIFICENT creatures, and I'll be happy.


Now the story? Hold on... let me show you just how in depth it is... The story doesnt lay itself out for you on a red carpet and tells you everything upfront.

No, instead it throws a pile of books on the floor and expects you to form a thesis. I'm not asking to tell me story but to give me hints, a reason, reminder. anything and I mean anything but not nothing.

Actually the game does exactly what you ask. It gives you lots of hints and reasons and never just throws you a pile of books.

Great news for From Software. This means they have the money to make another Tenchu game XD

Not sure why on earth someone above wrote the combat was deep though. It was more that it played jerky rather than deep.



And yet some would defend to the death that the game needs to be made "more accessible" Go figure.

To be honest, the game probably would be more popular if they ever took a moment past the bare-bones tutorial to teach you about how upgrading works, or how casting works (even something as simple as a little text screen when you first equip a talisman/pyromancer's flame/catalyst, or one when you first hit the reinforce weapon button on any of the screens). Since those 2 things are really fucking important and without them the game is absolutely BRUTAL, having nothing but bare bones armor or weapons.

Or do they do that? I never noticed one but I already knew how it worked going in because I did a tad of research.

I dont know. Truth be told I was never much of a magic/miracle user in Demons so for what ever reason by the time I went to use magic I had already learned about catalysts. I will grant you however some tutorial stuff does in fact come in handy. I confess I was halfway through Demons before I figured out what the "Run" button was, and I was all the way to Tower Knight before figuring out how to lock on. I can see it being beneficial, but I really doubt it would make that much of a difference having a more extensive tutorial.

It certainly would. Running off a new character, you progress at a much faster rate than you did your first time. Part of it is you know the environment, part of it is you have experience with the enemies and the most efficient ways to deal with them.

But think, would you REALLY be able to get so far so fast if you didn't know you could backstab? If you didn't know you could parry? If you didn't know rolling had a small invulnerability window? If you didn't even know how to lock on and so had to free-aim everything and hope you were facing the right way so that you could successfully block with your shield?
What if you didn't know how to switch weapons or use half the usable items in the inventory? The ability to beat the game so quickly is a mastery of all of the tools available, but if a tutorial had never taught you that those tools were even there, let alone how to use them (At least mechanically), the game is a LOT fucking harder!

Wait, a publisher is happy with 2.3 million copies sold. That's it the world is coming to an end.

In all seriousness it's good that Dark Souls is selling this much. The game is great and it deserves to have those sales.

DS has only sold 2.3 mill copies?? while it's good that they are happy with that amount, I really hope that DS2 will sell atleast 3 mill in the first month and reach 5 mill copies after a year, with a steady stream untill every gamer owns a copy.

I got my friend the pc prepare to die edition on steam but it wasn't a very well made port which kept me from getting the game but since there saying DS2 will have a better PC version can't wait

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