Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Offscreen Play Patch is Live

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Offscreen Play Patch is Live


Capcom has released a patch bringing off-screen play and multi-region multiplayer to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Earlier this year, Capcom told gamers it would be adding off-screen play and multi-region multiplayer to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The decision to patch them into the game came following an influx of fan feedback asking that the features be added to the experience. Players waiting for this update can now rejoice because Capcom has announced that the promised patch is now available for download.

The long-awaited Software Update for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is now live," said Capcom on the company's blog. "With this update, you will now be able to play MH3U using just your Wii U GamePad; and the North American and European servers will be merged into one big server - allowing the community stay united and grow even stronger!" The update comes in spite of Capcom's previously expressed desire to keep gameplay on televisions so players could use the GamePad as a customizable HUD and inventory screen. "Instead of making the screens replaceable or being able to switch them, we really wanted to make sure that players are utilizing both real estate of the screens, in conjunction with each other," said producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, prior to the patch announcement.

While it is understandable that Capcom had wanted to stick to a particular vision for its game, in some ways the now fulfilled promise of off-screen play could be seen as an ever truer version of the customizability the publisher had sought to deliver. Players are still free to use the GamePad as a second, alterable HUD screen, but now also have additional options that can potentially enhance the experience and make it more convenient to play. Generally speaking, it's hard for that to be a bad thing.

Source: Capcom Unity


"Instead of giving the users choices, we wanted to dictate their play as strictly as possible." Sounds like every AAA game these days.

I really wish this were a SEGA game. I'd love a PC release (especially one with private servers), and SEGA seems to be the only Japanese developer that consistently provides PC ports at all, let alone ones that don't suck

P.S. Thanks

awww...I didn't get here first :(...Well, continue complaining hardcore, fans.


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