Jim and Yahtzee Join Forces in Rhymedown Spectacular

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I don't understand why everything has to be "who beat whom". They both did well so we all come out as winners, don't we?

But, where is your hat Yahtzee?

This was a better crossover than the avengers.

I like this. I really really like this. Mere words can not describe how much I like this. I can't wait to see more.

Since everyone is doing their "Yahtzee looks like X" things, I'll add mine:
I'm definitely seeing a bit of Gordon Freeman:


0_o... Mind = blown!

OT: I really liked this show, I am definitely looking forward to the next installment.

Well, I knew that they were gonna lambast even things I'd like to try (Like perhap the PS4), so the trick here is not to take offense. And...since I don't even have a facebook account, PS4 can't bother me with that, should I decide to get it.

Yahtzee is Edgar Allan Poe reincarnated.

I like video game culture (hence why I am here).

I like poetry.

This was fantastic, wish to see more.

Considering (to my knowledge) they are both complete amateurs this was pretty good.
Jim's was a bit more constricted, by the book, and imo failed a bit in that part. Yahtzee's freestyle performance was a bit better and way more clever. Jim was too constricted, literal and stiff in his reading.

What do you mean it wasn't a contest where we, the members of the site are the sole judges chosen to damn the loser into eternal torment in poet hell?

I've seen JIM rap before, liked that. Now i didnt though Yathzee would be up for that kind of deal, but this, this is just BEAUTIFUL.

Anyone else nearly shit themselves every time Yahtzee went into that voice? I mean no disrespect for him or the new show,
but this:

"Hello children!"

is going to be in my nightmares for quite a while.

People keep posting suggestions as to what Yahtzee looks like, well here's mine.

I'd like to see them double up to both bash a singular topic. Their performances were awesome, but they seem focused on different topics entirely.

Have them do FFXIII. They'll love both tearing it a new one.

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