Capcom Wants to Cut Ties With The West, Increase DLC

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Hey, our DLC and direction choices are unpopular...LET'S DOUBLE DOWN ON THEM!

Brilliant move. uh...I really don't know what to say. I'm rather stunned. this the start of the collapse? Are we really about to see iconic game companies that have been around for years, decades even, disappear? What happens then?

It's funny, just the other day I was telling myself "You know what I really want more of? Day-1 dlc and games designed around selling dlc in general. Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Shadow of the Colossus HD, my N64 & PS2 collections; those all would have been soooo much better had they been designed with selling dlc in mind!"


On a serious note, I don't play Capcom games so lucky me I guess. Still, I don't think Capcom understands the gaming market at all these days. You absolutely cannot compete with CoD or win over it's audience no matter how hard you try for one (just look at EA for proof of that), and blaming fans for a game's cancellation when they will not shut the fuck up about how much they want it is essentially suicide in this industry.

-looks at all the games Capcom published in 2012, then looks at his 2012/2013 games library on Steam/Xbox-

Wouldnt ya know it not a single one.

So capcom cutting ties with the west? Nothing of value at all was lost.

Chemical Alia:
Though "Devil May Cry" does stand out in my mind as one of the lamest titles for a video game I ever heard, so that's notable.

Particularly as the latest game was "Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry" for no apparent reason. I think they wanted to compete with Konamis Revengence for dumbest title of 2013

Andddd there goes any hope I had of that Monster Hunter MMO being released out here. My love has risen and dropped for this company in one day.

So looks like Dark Arisen may be the last Capcom thing I buy.

What a xenophobic and misdirected plan. As I was reading this, my mind was screaming "we don't understand why other people are successful, we need to ramp up all the things that people hate us for doing". Also, I'm pretty sure that the low sales of the western games were due to what you had them do or what they had to work with, not that they happen to be "western". I get the same feeling from they're butthurt about the decline of Japan's influence in the gaming world and decide to hold their western partners to ridiculous standards in order to consider them failures and downplay their relative success.

Way to be the EA of Japan, Capcom.

Wow, cutting ties with the West entirely? That seems... drastic.

I have three games by Capcom: Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Megaman Zero, and Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. Note that all three were released a good few years ago. Meaning that, other than Megaman 9, nothing they've recently released has really interested me. Perhaps it coincides with their unscrupulous business tactics?

Anyway, I can't say I'll miss them too much.

So basically, they want even less people to buy they're games?

Bummer, I liked where the Ninja Theory Devil May Cry was going, Dante was actually interesting as a character.

So in other words, if a megaman game were to come out, we'll have to pay $15 USD to unlock the right to use a different mega-buster configuration and a third of the bosses are going to be locked behind a pay wall.

I expect them to go full on 'DLC Quest', only not as a joke, actually.

or they could just stop localizing games for the US. I'd be ok with that to.

That's some tantrum Capcom but you'll be back. I'm calling your bluff simply because you'll try to find a way to milk money.

Between Legends 3, Resi6, SFxC, Umvc3 and god knows how many other middle figner business decisions they've made towards their customers are they SERIOUSLY not aware why they've been losing so much damn money?

It's quite simple capcom, your customers are like a beehive, sure you can bump it a few times every now and then and you probably won't get stung but when you have your mouth buried in it at the same time you are wacking it with a stick and screaming the chances of being stung increase quite substantially.

I mean fuck I'm still in awe that the HD version of Revelations (the first resi game ive been remotely interested in since 4) is $50 god damn dollars. Even Resident Evil 6 is cheaper on steam right now.

Come the fuck on Capcom. How the hell are you so blind and stubborn after all this time, has absolutely nothing been learned? I will be very surprised if they're still around next gen at some point in to the new cycle if they intend to keep acting the way they are.

What? Did the Capcom execs get into EA's supply of stupid pills?


*sigh* I actually liked DmC, but after playing RE6 at my cousins house last week, I just... ugh... what a piece of shit.

I miss the old Capcom, the one that actually had amazing games for 4 entire console generations.

Capcom has been pretty shitty this gen and if a warning of bankruptcy isn't enough to bring them back, then I think it'll be best to let them be and do absolutely nothing when they drown themselves.

Good thing I bought used copies of Mega Man and Mega Man X Collection(s). Played the free MMxSF. Bought MM9, 10, RE4-6 new then got rid of 5. It's okay though, Capcom. It's not like people are gonna riot...wait...

Hrm... I dunno. That sounds pretty insulting to me. Loosely translated its almost like saying

"In Japan and across Asia, We are Gods. Anything we make people buy. But you evil westerners with your expectations and standards. We do not wish to sell you our games any longer because we are afraid your reasonable expectations might infect others here and how can we allow that? We do not come to your country and tell YOU who you can gouge do we?"

In the west, We know just exactly how little Capcom thinks of their customers, but it is baffling how those in the East simply are not seeing it and in fact are protecting them from the bankruptcy they have been begging for for years.

LOL Captcha.. You So crazzee. "Know your rights" Yep, I do, especially the right not to give arrogant douche nozzles my money for snip jobs and copypastas out the ying yang.

Im starting to think that the games industry may generally be made up of robots incapable of understanding human emotion or logic...

Im starting to think that the games industry may generally be doomed.

F you right back Capcom. I haven't bought your tripe in years because anything I gave a damn about you cancelled (3 guesses) and everything else you have put forth is glorified shovelware. Cut your ties with the west and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

I won't miss you. Your best years are way behind you.


Im starting to think that the games industry may generally be made up of robots incapable of understanding human emotion or logic...

Im starting to think that the games industry may generally be doomed.
And I'd kind of be okay with seeing a big player like EA or Capcom bite the dust. It'd be a loss, sure, but it'd also being a much needed wake up slap to the rest of the industry.

It bothers me that Capcom acts like this is our fault. Capcom wtf is your problem?

Fix your crap and don't blame the customer for your delusions.

Okay here's a new drinking game: every time a game fails to meet sales expectations, you take a shot. It'sh the greatesht! *hic* /falldown

No Capcom, you're doing it all wrong! Isn't it obvious? You need a CoD-killer! That'll save you. Perhaps take one of your existing blockbuster titles and action-ify it.

When I get a sec I'll compare your last few years' releases against my games library; doubt I'll find much.

I really wanted a new Breath of Fire game for a long time, but now... I am almost scared as to what kind of soul sucking chimera Capcom will turn it into to try to make more money off me.

captcha: brain games... oh is that what Capcom is doing?

Again with the industry blaming the consumer for their own shortcomings.

Piss off Capcom. The only game you've gotten me slightly interested in in years is the new Ace Attorney, and that one looks as if you beat it near death with the angsty stick.

Sniper Team 4: uh...I really don't know what to say. I'm rather stunned. this the start of the collapse? Are we really about to see iconic game companies that have been around for years, decades even, disappear? What happens then?

Other companies buy their IPs, and hopefully continue making games with them, and if we're lucky remembering what made their former owners disappear in the 1st place. Sad to see giants fall sure but hard to shed tears when they do it to themselves.

J Tyran:

Publisher refuses to listen to fans, fans dont buy games, publisher loses profit. Publisher blames every one but self.

Why does this sound familiar? Oh right, same shit, different company.

You have to wonder what these publishers actually inside their skull because it certainly isn't brains. "Since we began our DLC strategy we only met 50% of our sales estimates, we must invest even more into the DLC strategy to correct this!"

How can they be blind to it? People are getting fed up of this and Capcom are one of the worst for DLC shenanigans, maybe even the worst and now they are paying for it through customer dissatisfaction.

Capcom is definitely the worst DLC offender. EA, for all their troubles, has had some good DLC releases as well - the larger BioWare DLCs have mostly been good, and Lair of the Shadow Broker was a shining example of DLC done right. Battlefield had some decent packs. Capcom doesn't really have any successes to show at all, and manages to feel even more like they're engaging in product splitting.

"Restoring Ties to the West" will be paid DLC.

Hold on a second, doesn't anyone realize that the statement says "cut ties with Western Developers"? The title of this article is perhaps just a little misleading, unless they think everyone in the West is a Western Developer.

In my opinion, if this leads to the cancellation of Lost Planet 3: good on them. I loved LP1 and 2, it's a little offensive to see LP3 as some mediocre samey 3rd Person shooter made by a Western Developer with a bad track record.

Oh and it really doesn't matter what Capcom does anymore, it seems like everyone hates them no matter what they do (I like to recall Kotaku's incredibly Skyrim-biased Dragon's Dogma review). How about save the hate for when they cancel Duck Tails and Remember Me, maybe?

Edit: Grammar discrepancies

Wait, so this means no Monster Hunter Online for Europe or NA....


Pretty much sums up my rage, screw you capcom, you will not be missed... AT ALL.

I mean, how can they be so thick?! It's completely impossible these idiots think more DLC will HELP them!

All of this sounds like "it's everybody else's fault" instead of, y'know, owning up to mistakes.

Japan once again desires to go into cultural irrelevancy.

Huh ... This kinda goes along with the whole discussion we had on the Monster Hunter forum thing a day or two ago. Okay then. Capcom and EA just got a little closer.

EA has been trying to catch up Capcom all along and Capcom saw that they are getting close, so they took measures to ensure their lead in the worst publisher ever contest. Makes sense.

Im starting to think that the games industry may generally be made up of robots incapable of understanding human emotion or logic...

robots wouldn't cancel megaman legends 3, a game set in a world where all life forms have merged with inorganic technology and can swap any of their body parts with mechanical augmentation freely

Such a shame because they finally got it right with western devs by making DmC. I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but I genuinely enjoyed the game. Ninja Theory is a talented developer and it really showed in it, bringing so much originality to the series. I was finally having fun with a Devil May Cry game. It's just saddening that customers in the gaming industry have such a knee-jerk reaction and refuse to get something just because of a different take on the formula.

I know people are justified to not want to get something because of face-value, but goddamn there were good things in that game.


If you like DmC then that's fine, you're within your right too. In alot of ways it's Ninja Theories best game and they did show some improvement. The thing is's just not a Devil May Cry Game. If it wasn't called Devil may Cry, it would be an enjoyable if average hack and slash game.

The biggest problem? It was handled by a group of people who didn't so much misunderstand PR, as do the exact opposite to try to rile up everyone. The game marketing was handled ATTROCIOUSLY and on a social front all Ninja Theory did was drive people away with their attitude: They made mistakes you just simply can't make and it came back to bite not just them but Capcom in the ass at the end of the day.

At first I was like "Woah! We don't get enough cool Japanese games as it is! This sucks!"

Then I went back to look at what Capcom has made over the last gen and I can't say I'm impressed.

Of the ones I purchased:
DMC was ok
Dragon's Dogma was at once one of the most exiting games and most boring games I have ever played
RE5 wasn't very good
RE6 was bad
Asura's Wrath was fucking great, I don't care what anyone else says.
Monster Hunter on PSP hurt my hand, though It looks great, but Capcom seems determined to never out it on a more powerful platform (the MH for the Wii U notwithstanding, as I haven't played it, I just want it on PC)

So 1 game that really got me. That's not a good record. Between that and Capcom's scummy DLC history, I think I can do without.

Cutting ties with the West, eh? I actually kind of liked the new DmC, so that's a shame. But then again, I stopped being surprised by anything Capcom does. They have cancelled a huge list of Mega Man games that seems to be growing every day. I mean... cutting off ALL of the West? That seems a little extreme. It makes me wonder how that place is ran.

Good riddance, really. Crapcom's finally reaping what they sow.

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