Court Cancels Langdell Edge Trademarks

Court Cancels Langdell Edge Trademarks


Tim Langdell has already protested, saying that the court's decision was defective.

Remember Tim Langdell, he who claims rights to the word 'Edge' - and also, for that matter, Cutting Edge, Gamer's Edge, Edge (again) and The Edge - and who's been embroiled in trademark disputes these past few years? Well, the court has finally weighed in on the matter, and all five trademarks are now void. Or, as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has it, "the petition to cancel is granted, and Registration Nos. 2219837, 2251584, 3105816, 3381826 and 3559342 will be cancelled in due course."

Ah, 2219837, you were taken from us too soon; and that's pretty much Langdell's feelings on the matter too. He's already filed a letter of protest, describing the notice as "defective," and in any event untimely. Langdell had two motions in the works to save his trademarks, and this court order effectively torpedoes both. The defective complaint has to do with wording, you'll be unsurprised to hear. Langdell argues that the order misidentified the actual holder of the trademarks - it wasn't Edge Games, he says, but The Edge Interactive Media Inc, with some of them jointly held by Future Publishing Ltd - and, as an extra sting in the tail, has asked that the attorneys acting for the petitioner be disbarred.

So, while Edge is now a free agent, this probably isn't the last we'll hear of Langdell's trademarks. If you're the sort that likes reading legal documents, by all means head over here for the full, sorry saga. Meanwhile Mobigame, one of those caught up in the Edge debacle - its colorful platformer Edge, now distributed by Two Tribes, fell foul of Langdell - is offering a 50% sale on its games until Monday, in celebration. Head over to Steam, the App store and Android for some savings. "We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll," says David of Mobigame, "truth and justice finally won!"

Source: Eurogamer


Just let it go Tim. Here, have a brandy. It'll help take the... oh

Can we just give this guy the death penalty...?

Not because I say the crime fits it, but simply because it would be the merciful thing to do at this point for Tim. He's just making himself look so BAD! And he doesn't realize it! Soon enough he's gonna be standing at the edge of a cliff yelling at people not to come near it because he "owns" it. And I'm sure that his last words when he eventually falls off it would be "the terms of my death are DEEEFEEEECTIVE!". That, and that he wants the people who do his autopsy to check for all the drugs to be disbarred as well.

To celebrate, everyone should play Edgey McEdgerson's Hedge Edger, a game based on an old ENN joke about this whole thing.

Fun game too :D

Also this

Dear copyright system, take this as a sign that you really, really, really need to be restructured from the ground up.

Great news. Now can someone please counter sue the shit out of this guy for wasting the courts, and those who have legitimate needs for justice, valuable time and money? He's made such an ass of himself that I feel just losing the case isn't enough punishment. I'm not going to be happy until the jerk ends up living in a cardboard box.

Dear copyright system, take this as a sign that you really, really, really need to be restructured from the ground up.

Not copywrite. Trademark. Two different things.

But yeah, I'd like to know who the idiot was who approved the trademark in the first place. It should have been summarily rejected for being far too vague. Somebody fucked up.

I just filed a trademark on the letter "e". Everyone on this site is getting sued!

(I'm kidding, but how long 'til someone actually tries this?)

He's trying to get people disbarred? Please say he gets some sort of fine for wasting the courts time.

Dear copyright system, take this as a sign that you really, really, really need to be restructured from the ground up.

The trademark system is significantly less disfunctional than the copyright one.

At least trademarks are trying to fight against plagiarism, and one product pretending to be another, which is a fundamentally useful idea. It's only a matter f how widely it is interpreted.

Copyright, on the other hand, is a fundamentally misguided attempt at pretending that IP is actual "property", that can't ever be copied at all. Some aspects of it are useful, but those are so rare that it would be easier to throw the whole thing out and write new laws about the few issues with copying that actually *are* problematic.

Freakin' finally. Soul Calibur's been named after the wrong damn sword for too long.

I just filed a trademark on the letter "e". Everyone on this site is getting sued!)

I don't think Hehehe. Oh shit! *hands over a fiver*

I thought this whole thing was settled ages ago, apparently I was wrong. It also makes you wonder why Langdell didn't spend all of the time and money that must have been involved in this case actually making a game or something. You know, to show he might actually be using his nebulous trademark and not just waiting for someone to fall in to his little trap. I'm suprised he didn't just sue all polygons for having edges so we know he is truly mad.

This loser is still going? I figured it was all over when Edge showed up on Steam a couple years ago.

Well, you've got to give him credit, he's been going down fighting for a while now. It's pathetic and yet impressive in a weird way.

Fuck this guy. I hope he gets kicked of an Edge to his death by Gerard Butler in a thong.

Does he not realize he looks like the biggest douchebag tool on the planet right now? Just stop, dude. Now is not the time to keep pressing this crap because you're looking like a child at this point. Stop it before I treat you like a spoiled child and take you out into the parking lot and spank your bratty ass.

I really hope his letter of protest goes nowhere. Fuck you and your faulty trademarks, Langdell.

Huh? I thought he was dead.

Oh well. Tim? Shake hands with Orthy, EA, and Jack Thompson. From here on in, you'll be sitting with them in the Loser's Circle, reserved for those 'special' sort of idiots that we regularly lambast like the rest of the internet does. GOOD LUCK!


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