Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

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Moonlight Butterfly:
I found these links to more information on the game. I think they are legit. Hope people don't mind me posting them. :

More details

Screenshots: (scroll down)

Looks interesting enough. I've never been into horror games all that much, I haven't played any of the Silent Hill or Resident Evil games so I wouldn't really mind if the game were to make use of tropes.

I'm actually really excited for this game. I kinda wish it was Fallout 4 but hopefully bethesda themselves are working on that.

I'm always up for a haunted house and a good scare.

If they are working on Fallout 4, I would expect them to announce it at E3. And I suspect that Bethesda doesn't want to hype up The Evil Within too much, as the hype could backfire if the game doesn't deliver, like many games that Bethesda publishes but doesn't develop.

I just don't see the appeal of horror games. Why on Earth would I WANT to intentionally scare myself?

I love me some horror games, but this told me nothing about it at all. Color me interested, but I don't think I'm making any judgment or purchase decisions until I see some gameplay or actual non-live-action videos.

Sounds interesting. I'll wait for more info and actual gameplay before deciding if it is stupid or bad or bland or anything like that

Looks like Silent hill, really, really bad.

Also, way too much blood. It is to horror what boobs are to action films - A cheap thrill for pre-teens.

I just sat there, watching the trailer, waiting for SOMETHING scary to happen....never did. I didn't even jump at anything. Not so much as a mild twist of disgust on my face.

I sat through that trailer, genuinely BORED for the first time in my entire history of watching anything horror-related.

It's like the horror genre isn't even trying any more. "Look, a naked dead body! Deformed people! A box-headed man who totally isn't a Pyramid Head rip off! Blood! LOTS of blood! All of these images are really scary, right? You're totally scared of all these gruesome images, I just know it!"

No, I'm not. Just making something gruesome-looking does not make it scary. There's no sense of terror in just flashing a bunch of ugly, gruesome images in front of me. There's no lasting effect from making me jump at a loud noise or an orchestral sting. Sorry, but you just aren't scary. In fact, you're a little pathetic, really.

I'm usually not a fan of showing the monsters so openly, but that was pretty goddamn creepy.
Bravo, and I'm now interested in this.

Please don't say "keep your eyes peeled" after a trailer like that. That just increases the amount of bad images in my head.

Live-action trailers are very off-putting to me and I wasn't altogether too thrilled by this. Still, I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic. It's been a while since the last AAA horror game and I trust them to get it right.

Also, the links Moonlight Butterfly posted sound extremely interested. You have my attention :D

I was fairly sure that the reveal wouldn't be exceptional, but that was it?

What's the point of making a convoluted bunch of teasers, just to have another teaser on a new IP that we have no information about?

I hope they ream their PR department.

and how.

they had a wonderfully effective ad campaign going that allowed people's imaginations to do all the work more effectively than any amount of special effects and air time could...... then shat all over it with a trailer that somehow manages to shatter all mystery yet explain nothing. now all i know about the game is that the ridiculous gore reminds me of evil dead and someone is trying to rip-off pyramid head. really not the first impression you want for a horror game.


and how.

they had a wonderfully effective ad campaign going that allowed people's imaginations to do all the work more effectively than any amount of special effects and air time could...... then shat all over it with a trailer that somehow manages to shatter all mystery yet explain nothing. now all i know about the game is that the ridiculous gore reminds me of evil dead and someone is trying to rip-off pyramid head. really not the first impression you want for a horror game.

I know, right?
Beth has so much PR value in itself that doing a proper or "normal" announcement would've gotten them plenty of attention. Now they're just risking dissapointment for something they sort of hyped.

Some other dude that quoted me mentioned they're not hyping it, but in my opinion they are. You don't tease this much at a game and play on peoples curiosity without expecting some sort of following.

that's about as ignorant as one can be.

Yes that sums up this whole exchange.

Honestly I find myself wondering if you have actually read anything I have posted in this at all.

Under normal circumstances I would not give much merit to cut to the quick and just explain it, but honestly I have better things to do and I lack the patience to slog through it all.

So here.

That has been the depth of this entire exchange between us. You started it off by making assumptions. As I cast doubt on your assumptions you have continued to layer more and more assumptions in response. So honestly this is the last fodder I give to make more misinterpretations based on assumptions on. So having explained fully what we both meant I am not going to continue to waste my, your, or the forums time trying to correct misunderstandings. None the less, I appreciate the discussion. I am at my end in this thread so best of luck and have a nice day.

I've lost about 99% interest in games in general, but this may be worth holding onto the 360 for, a good lights off all nighter run through. And it's Bethesda so I'm happy, the only thing they screwed up was Brink but this should be good.

I just reeeeally really hope they don't fuck it and give the player character super powers or heavy weaponry, since that kills horror games instantly. The reason Condemned and Amensia were so good is because you only had a blunt object or nothing at all, the reason Dead Space or Fear doesnt look scary at all is because you have powers and heavy weapons out the wazoo.

As big of a horror fan as I am, that didn't catch my interest. Maybe if I knew what the game is supposed to be about, besides possibly a barbed wire craftmaking simulator, I'd care more.
Also, Safe Head looks kind of silly.
If it looks good once they release more information, then I'll be interested, but this hasn't really caught my attention.

No gameplay footage?

Yeah, call me when there's some gameplay to be seen.

Moonlight Butterfly:
I'm actually really excited for this game. I kinda wish it was Fallout 4 but hopefully bethesda themselves are working on that.

I'm always up for a haunted house and a good scare.

I agree. Its cool to see them working on something while ESO is being made. THough I think that is being done by Zenimax.

Fallout 4 should be interesting. I hope either that they are working on it like you said, or they gave it to Obsidian. But I can't see Obsidian doing it right now with Project Eternity and Avellone now involved in Torment: Tides of Numenera. Has Bethesda ever made a horror game?

okay, that's cool. under one condition only...

mr. resident evil creator, if you plan on including gun combat, PLEASE don't use the RE style controls. believe it or not, a lot of games these days allow you to move AND shoot... AT THE SAME TIME!!! MINDFREAK!

OT: I hope this game isn't going to go the Dead Space route of "gross out horror" where the only horror is just blood and guts n' whatnot. The trailer was sort of a mix between "grotesque, Lovecraftian horror" and just plain "gross out horror", so it should be interesting to see where they officially go with it.

The statement "My team and I are committed to creating an exciting new franchise, providing fans the perfect blend of horror and action" makes me simultaneously roll my eyes and shake my head, as it just shows how much PR blathering developers do nowadays. I expect either the action part or the horror part of this game to suck. Every game must be a "blend" of "x and action", as if horror itself can't keep the audience entertained. Depending on the gameplay mechanics, I may just be jaded enough to brush this off.

Of course I am being extremely cynical. The slightly not-jaded part of me is intrigued at this. Could be interesting, and it's always nice to get a new IP out in this industry.

Ugh... How incredibly, mediocre looking.

At least show what the in-game graphics look like. Otherwise it just looks like a generic horror mash up video.

Also, has one of the youtube comments points out:

Isn't Evil Within pretty close to the same thing as Resident Evil?

Captcha: that's hot.... Apparently the Captcha is a sadist now.

I don't have sound on this computer at the moment, so I couldn't hear anything, but im imagining it as a NIN music video.

Let's see. Overexposed camera, check. Dimly lit abandoned locale, check. Wheelchair, check. Visual and audio cues referring to the 1920-1950 period, check. Torture instruments, check. Skulls, check. Jump scare, check. Barbed wire, check. Butcher figure, check. Body horror, check. Massive amounts of blood, check. Mutilated corpses, check. Always more body horror, check. Incomprehensible plot, check.

Wow, this trailer has so many movie references I actually can't even begin to list them all. It's like a distilled, hyperfocused zeitgeist of the horror movie genre of the past 10-13 years.

I get the feeling it's going to be disappointingly underwhelming.

No video game bady will ever look scary in live action.

Oh, my lord this is fucked up. I love fucked up shit. I can't wait to piss my pants then want to re-piss them for sake of getting a second split-second look at the messed up imagery. I watched the trailer twice, as you probably guessed. Haha.

I need to get a new Internet alias: "Safe-face". That dude is COOL.

Nah, fuck that. I'd rather be obscure to those not members of my fandom.

EDIT: watched the trailer again. Officially in love with Blood-spider-girl, now, too. AND the owl which flashes on the scream...that really happened- SCREEN for about half a second.

Wow that was a bit unexpecting.... Anyways wonder what the stoy and gameplay is like.

Well that was a bit creepy. I'm not really into the survival horror genre as I'm far too much of a wuss and get scared quite easily, but this at least looks interesting. Going to have to see some gameplay of course, but I liked this trailer.

A new IP, sewed together from the remains of countless others before it, brought unnaturally to life. No soul, just a horrid imitation.

They can really make a good movie out of the trailer's concept! I'm impressed!

15 seconds in this trailer has won some of my approval by using Air on the G String. 5 seconds later, my approval has been lost. Why did they cut it out D:<? Anyhow, the monsters look interesting but the 'villain' was a tad too generic for me. Close-ups of someone making barbed-wire isn't what comes to mind when I think of a horror-game antagonist. Doesn't help that the trailer is standard horror-fare with quick cuts to low-lit and shocking images. Doesn't help either that it's live-action.

Sounds Baroque.

I know that piece, and I think it may be a Haydn one? Either way, Harpsichord strongly hints at it.

Although why the hell Baroque? 16th-17th century is an odd time to have your music from.

Baroque indeed. Air on the G string, an arrangement of the 2nd movement from Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major by August Wilhelmj.

And why Baroque you may ask? Well, first off Japan loves using classical music -excuse my liberal use of classical in his context- in media, particularly in a contrapuntal manner. This song is often used, probably because it's so damn beautiful This same song plays during an anime character's horrific last stand.

Props to you for recognizing which time period it's from just by listening to it. That's really impressive!

Wow... the was... That irritated me like an announcement from EA. I mean I'm left sitting here thinking: "What? Seriously?" I shouldn't feel that way when Bethesda makes an announcement or launches an add for something, let alone new IP. WTF is going on here? Man... Whoever saw that trailer at the big board meeting and sprung up announcing: "That! That's the one guys! That's gonna sell it right over the edge!" That fellow is a serious risk to the employee insurance fund. He or she is surely going to the loony bin one day, because releasing that was crazy. Crazy in a BAD WAY.

If the game's only half as bad as the add campaign for it's been it'll be terrible. PLEASE make better adds. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd say it...

That trailer was absolute rubbish but Shinji Mikami has a good record, with his work on the better Resident Evil games, as well as pretty good games like Shadows of the Damned and God Hand. I'm interested to see what will come of this.


I think the person making the barbed wire is supposed to be the protagonist. The use of traps is part of the gameplay. Then he cuts his hand by accident and 4 armed blood lady comes to get him...

For some reason I think they have included tropes deliberately I mean even the title looks like a late 80's horror movie.

Moonlight Sonata was used in Resident Evil which is my favorite classical tune.

Ugh, I despise live action trailers, especially live action trailers that don't tell you anything about the game. If this had been done in engine, then at least we could've seen what the game'll look like.

I dunno, I think the idea of monstrosities crawling out of blood pools is a brilliant idea with tons of scare potential.

I watched this with my brother and every three seconds at least one of us went "Oooooohhhh, whaaaaaat!? NOOOOOOO"
So yeah.
Looking forward to more.

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