Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within

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Ugh, I despise live action trailers, especially live action trailers that don't tell you anything about the game. If this had been done in engine, then at least we could've seen what the game'll look like.

There's some screenshots up on the net already taken from famitsu. I linked them earlier in the thread.

Andy Shandy:
A survival horror game from the man who not only basically defined the genre but has also worked on some other stellar titles, such as Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7 and Devil May Cry?

Yes please =D

This, so much. A new IP from Shinji Mikami always gathers a cult following for a reason. ^^

Idtech5 engine and horror? Fuck yes.

I'm very interested now, Beth. Good job.

Yes yes yes Bethsesda ,barbed wire everywhere and yer man has a box for his head. Very scary.

Now shut the fuck up and make me Fallout 4.

Anyone else finish watching that and instantly think 'Hey it's a 13 Ghosts video game!', man that movie sucked...

Moonlight Butterfly:
Drink Psychobreak! Made from the juices of real people! It'll quench ya!

Psychobreak! The sanity-quencher!

I'm pretty underwhelmed by the trailer, myself, but a bad trailer does not necessarily make for a bad game (or the converse). Still, I'll hold off on any sort of excitement until I see something actually shot in-game.

Reminds me of the early Playstation 3's adverts... the really creepy ones.

So that's what was in the safe....

On the other hand, people need to stop gushing over Bethesda. While I respect their development team and their publishing team...Tango Gameworks is making the game, not Bethesda. They are simply publishing it. Same thing happened with Dishonored. Bethesda got all the glory, and next to no one seemed to mention Arkane Studios...or the fact that the reason it looked like Bioshock, was that Arkane did a lot of level design for Bioshock 2.

And on the third hand, it will be interesting seeing a decent horror game that's not part of an established series. Kind of wish the trailer had done something instead of being a horror scene montage.

Ohhhh. Probably the least exciting kind of game they could produce for me. Well I'm sure some people will enjoy it. But for me, I say get the fuck out of my face with it until you are ready to show us some actual game footage.

Great, im about to go to bed and i felt a need to watch this...i guess i will stay wake this night then x(

Moonlight Butterfly:


I think the person making the barbed wire is supposed to be the protagonist. The use of traps is part of the gameplay. Then he cuts his hand by accident and 4 armed blood lady comes to get him...

For some reason I think they have included tropes deliberately I mean even the title looks like a late 80's horror movie.

Moonlight Sonata was used in Resident Evil which is my favorite classical tune.

Ooo now that's interesting. I can think of tense moments where you have to build a trap in time only to cut yourself and have to face more foes. I'm reminded of Bioshock 2 where I accidentally placed a Trap Rivet in front of another Big Daddy. Next thing I know, all of Rapture is out to get me. Fun times.

I do think part of it is deliberate but it didn't really resonate with me. I'm reserving my judgement for actual gameplay but so far it's a bit meh.

I see Mr. Mikami is a man of fine taste. I wonder to what extent he's going to use 'Air' though.

Not sure what to think of this. I mean, the same disturbing visual can be made by jamming your fork violently into a bowl of pasta while pouring on the ketchup.

I'll never look at a bowl of pasta in the same way again!

OT... Pass, these kinda games have never really captured my attention (sure Silent Hill 2 is a classic, but the rest....)

Just sort of goes to show in this tread, doesn't matter if it's a new IP, the people will not be appeased unless it's ENTIRELY new. Whilst the Grudge with mutiple arms was an interesting aspect to the trailer, Blocko-head feels a bit too similar.

The Trailer in all honesty doesn't whip up any tension from me though. A couple of minutes watching some earlier Machine for Pigs stuff had me wetting my pants like a little girl, so to see it try for horror and not get it feels more obvious.

What worked ten years ago just doesn't work today, hell it was even on it's last legs then too.

I notice Beth are keeping the contents of safes consistent. 100 lockpick skill and there's a clipboard and an empty soda bottle inside.

In this case tentacle beasts. :(

When that music started, I half expected the Sniper to roll up and say, "The assassination of ones fellow man is an excellent career, my esteemed compatriote."

I was disappointed.

the name sounds familiar.
wasnt there already a game or a movie named like this?

Okay then.

For some reason live action video game trailers always put me off. Still, I won't say no to a possibly good horror game.

Kind of hard not to be cynical about Cube Head though. Comes off as a rather half hearted attempt at making the proverbial lightning strike twice.

yes, they seem to want to play it safe...

I see some silent hill motivs there:

Pyramid head evolved to "Safe" head?

Creepy deformed naked female..

Skinned people encased in spiked wire

On the other hand.. what works... works

Well, "Silent Hill" wound up hitting a lot of tropes, especially "J-Horror" tropes, at a time when they were less well known to geekdom at large. Transplanting asian horror to a western setting was an interesting idea and came accross as being more groundbreaking than it was.

My major concern is the title and imagery makes me think this will be another "Psychological Horror" game where it's all in your mind or a projection of your mind. Going with the whole "Cry Of Fear" or "Silent Hill" thing which has been done to death. At this point I prefer more literal "It is what it is, and is happening all on it's own" horror. Battles within the protaganist's own mind, or something basically causing their Delirium Traumas to physically manifest (Silent Hill) are cool and all, but enough is enough.

I will also say that while I suppose it's normal to think of Pyramid Head when seeing someone with head encasement, that is actually a horror stereotype long predating him and his "helmet". Old Asylums used to restrain inmates in head cages and enclosures to prevent biting and provided restraints. What's more as you might know from various horror movies and the "F@cked up but true" stories that inspired them, there was a long standing belief in psychology that if a severe trauma could drive someone insane, it could also make an insane person sane. As a result trapping people permanantly in the dark and shutting off all their senses but touch via head restraints, or later hooking an image projector/plate to the sole visual plate and showing disturbing, insane images to a restrained person via their headbox were usable techniques. To be honest there is actually some truth to the practice (as much as many might want to deny it) as simple human survival instincts can cause people to radically alter their behaviors, torture, both physical and psychological being a part of mental deprogramming techniques for that reason. Of course today we have far more humane and reliable methods of doing such things, largely coming from that research, since we now have a better idea of what chemicals do what, etc... and can treat with medication and such rather than trying to force the body to do it on it's own which is more likely than not just going to make a problem worse.

In other forms of torture, and BDSM play, head encasement also can play a key role. After all what you can do to someone with their head compartmentalized can be quite staggering. One fairly typical "game" is to basically restrain someone prone in head encasement with one side open and then sit on the open end to smother the person. Such "smother boxes" are a common BDSM toy and sometimes involve restraints (for the hands) on the side. This same basic toy also has a heavy use in scat play and golden showers, as the box can act as makeshit toilet for someone to sit on and then do their business right onto a partner's face, etc... the horrorific potential of doing this to someone who is unwilling and/or not into that is pretty obvious.

Then of course there is the whole bit with inserting rats or other angry, starving, animals into compartmentalized spots. "Game Of Thrones" used a variation on this not too long ago as a method of torture/interrogation/execution. To be honest one of the "safer" places to do that is the head because the skull provides a lot of protection to the brain and is one of the harder bones to get through. If you say put a starving rat into a head cage with someone it would eat the flesh off their head/face but probably wouldn't kill them for a pretty substantial amount of time, if at all. Compared to say having the rat eat it's way through the torso. The Chinese had one paticular torture contraption based around this theory referred to as "The Seven Gates Of Heaven" which seperated the body into seven regions which could be devoursed seperatly. Generally starting with the feet and/or head first and then moving down to the more lethal middle regions of the body. The longer the person holds out the more gates you open, with the irony in the name being that if you do it right people are begging for you to open the final gates and let them go to heaven. According to rumor The Chinese still use this without acknowledging this, and it was also apparently pretty popular with Pol Pot's "Khymer Rouge".

The point I'm making here is simply that head encasement (or body localized body encasement in general) has a long history of truely F@cked up and horrorific crap, so it's something you can generally associate with horror. Chances are anyone who wants to force your head unwillingly into a box doesn't have your best interests in mind and wants to make you suffer pretty badly.

Barbed Wire, also known to some as "The Devil's Rope" likewise has a long standing history of being used for some rather screwed up stuff, while not it's original intent, the bottom line is that it's metal and thus hard to break, and using it the restraints themselves can cause pain/damage.... etc....

All told he seems to be hitting the stereotypes, we'll see what happens. I half expect this will turn out to be another game where they really don't show anything or spell it out, and rather just use the imagery to get people to fill in the blanks in their own mind, and what I posted here will probably be worse than what you'll actually see done in the game.

I'm enough of a jaded horror fan where I will be keeping an eye on it, but my hopes won't get very high until I learn more about it.


Not sure what to think of this. I mean, the same disturbing visual can be made by jamming your fork violently into a bowl of pasta while pouring on the ketchup.

I'll never look at a bowl of pasta in the same way again!

OT... Pass, these kinda games have never really captured my attention (sure Silent Hill 2 is a classic, but the rest....)

Well, the problem is that horror games are not willing to push the envelope enough to be really scary, fear being by definition an uncomfortable emotion. People who are true, jaded, horror fans, tend to mostly appreciate this stuff after the fact, and to those who aren't fans they tend to rapidly become angry/offended by it's simple existance. As a result most horror games tend to take a sort of "Halloween Funhouse" approach to things where you see what's expected, nothing goes too far, and to ayone who is already a genere fan all that's usually left is to say "that's it?" or at best rate it in accordance to other, similar, experiences.

"Silent Hill 2" mostly gets praise because while it was only creepy, it had a good story, and was fairly unique for the time it was made, as well as for being a game. It was also interesting to be able to look at the character you were playing and how he was defined, and then see what about him inspired various events in the story once you understood the entire "psychological projection" angle. It also wrapped itself up pretty tightly and didn't leave much that was really important dangling or unresolved.

What we really need more of in horror in general is stuff like the "Tree Rape" in the original "Evil Dead". The reason why is that it went too far, it made people uncomfortable, the very fact that people complained about it (and why they complained) meant that it did it's job. The movie was supposed to freak you out, upset you, and take you outside of your comfort zone. If a work of horror gets into the mainstream or quasi-mainstream and doesn't offend a lot of people, then it by definition wasn't doing it's job. Likewise, those who complain saying "I'm a horror fan, but this was going too far" basically aren't really horror fans, just poseurs who like to talk the talk and claim to be genere fans while really not being more than some kiddies giggling their way through a carnival funhouse.

That said, we'll see how this game turns out. To be honest, it is hitting a lot of stereotypes, though I don't blame it for having an imitation Pyramid-head as the whole head-encasement thing has been the stuff of horror (for a long time) for some good reasons as I mentioned before.

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