Videogameception: Play Super Mario Bros. Inside CS: GO

Videogameception: Play Super Mario Bros. Inside CS: GO

No longer will you have to sit through boring CS: GO rounds thinking "I wish I was playing Super Mario Bros."

There are a lot of places you can play Super Mario Bros. You can play it on your phone, you can play it on your 3DS, you can even bust out an original NES console and play it on that. But I bet you never thought about playing it inside of Valve's hit FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thanks to a creative mod for the game's popular "Office" level, you can now do just that.

The SourceMod modding community is pretty insane, creating thousands of custom maps and mods for the Source engine, ranging from tweaks to existing games to total conversions of things like Mario Kart. But, the SMES (SourceMod Entertainment System) is the first time someone has pulled an Inception-style trick of creating a game-within-a-game.

As shown in the video above, CS: GO players on the Reflex Gamers servers can pick up a cartridge found in a modded version of the Office level. They can then insert the cartridge into the SMES, which is a faithful recreation of Nintendo's famous Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You and a buddy can then pick up fully-animated controllers and have a go at Super Mareo Bruhs, a very thinly veiled 2-player rip-off of Super Mario Bros.

The attention to detail that the mod exhibits is really quite cool, from the way the cartridge inserts into the console to the way the buttons depress on the controller model. Video uploader skwumpy writes in the description that the mod itself took "months of playing with CS:GO modding" and "a little bit of maaaaagic" to get the fully playable game working on the in-game screen and engine that was not designed for it.

Its kind of surreal to watch the terrorists politely lining up to play a round of Mario, while gunshots and explosions are going off all around them.

Source: Arts Technica


Yo dawg, we heard ya like games...

seriously though, that is some top-tier modding right there. Now if only you could mod CS:GO so you can play CS:S, and then mod that so you can play CS:1.6...

Now I want a Mario Bros mod that lets you play Counter Strike.


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