iOS Developer Takes Survival Horror Title To Wii U

iOS Developer Takes Survival Horror Title To Wii U

What's that behind you, Pippa? Oh, if only that flashlight worked.

You may not have heard of horror game specialist Psychoz Interactive, creator of iOS zombie shooter Dead Strike - the number 1 downloaded game in Japan, when it launched in 2010 - but Nintendo has. Psychoz has been given the go-ahead to produce its survival horror title, Forgotten Memories, for the Wii U. Have a look at the teaser video and ask yourself: would you want to be the one who has to rescue Pippa?

This news comes at the same time that Nintendo's financials reveal sales of only 390,000 Wii U units since Christmas. Nintendo announced that part of its strategy to revitalize Wii U sales was to "proactively [release] key Nintendo titles from the second half of this year through next year" but, if Psychoz's announcement is any indication, that might not be all Nintendo intends to do.

As for the game itself, not much is known about Forgotten Memories yet. You play as Inspector Rose Hawkins, in search of a missing girl who seems to have ended up in abandoned Walker Psychiatric Hospital. As to what happens next, you'll have to wait until later this year to find out.

Psychoz's Georges Paz is overjoyed, and working hard to make his projected summer 2013 Wii U release date. "Wii U is a strong piece of hardware," Paz Tweeted. "Lot of memory and modern GPU = win win!" Certainly survival horror seems to have a decent chance on the Wii U console; its launch title ZombiU was well received, and made interesting use of its Gamepad bug-out bag. If Forgotten Memories does as well, survival horror could be in for a renaissance on this console.

Source: Forgotten Memories


I guess they forgot it's already been fall 2012.

Yeah, but you can't sell Call of Duty numbers with a survival horror game, so why even bother? /sarcasm

I found ZombiU, though unfortunately named, to be quite a nice experience. Best survival horror I've played in a very, very long time. If the system continues to see more of them of that kind of quality, then I shall be very happy indeed.

This looks interesting, but atill not enough to get people to buy a WiiU. Here's hoping there's no "you're actually insane" twist.

"proactively [release] key Nintendo titles from the second half of this year through next year"?

Nintendo, do you know what "proactive" means? If you had released titles BEFORE your sales tanked because of a complete lack of games, that would have been proactive. Going "oh shit, no one has bought our system, we better make some games for it" is reactive, not proactive.

at some point we should be learning that abandoned psychiatric wards are a bad thing to leave standing undemolished

Looks promising enough, hope it turns out good. As for everyone saying "I doubt it'll make anyone buy a Wii U," it's not supposed to, it's just supposed to beef up their game library and offer something for people to play while they wait for larger releases.


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