2K Reveals The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

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So Brothers in Arms then. Maybe with some permadeath, but not the protagonist because people love their brown haired Caucasians.

Why the hell would you want real time squad based combat and give control of your squad to shitty AI? With Permadeath?
This... No, I can't see this working at all.

If they're going to include permadeath in a game without direct control over everyone, these squadmates better have some of the best friendly AI I've ever seen. I don't want this to be one giant escort mission.

Same old crud, different marketing. I'll wait to see what the reviewers say, but even still, I'm going to get Enemy Unknown before I even think of this game. Because, you know, that game is actually X-Com.

I dig the retro style. In any case, this sounds WAY better than the testosterone-laden announcement they came out with before Enemy Unknown. Now, if they can get the squad based aspect of it on the same level as Republic Commando, I'd be a happy man.

Bat Vader:
I am happy to see that it will be a purely single player experience. Perhaps the well selling Bioshock Infinite and The Bureau: X-COM Declassified will show other developers and publishers that not every game needs multiplayer. I do like the idea of permadeath. Will that apply to the player character and their teammates or just their teammates?

It does sound like a pretty interesting game. I will most likely pre-order a copy in the next few days.

I really hope it's permadeath for everyone. Failing a mission and getting a squad wipe shouldn't end your game, just make it harder.

One of the things I like about XCOM. Also one of the reasons I try to make sure my backups aren't just a pack of noobs.

This could be interesting, I'd still like to see gameplay though

3rd-person squad-based real-time combat-sandwich? How does that... oh hell no... is this going to play like Dragon Age but with guns? I can't tell from the trailer because it's not even prerendered, thus even less useful than the sticky tissues Square Enix usually hands us... and I can't find any gameplay footage. Oh well, I guess I can wait for a while to decide if I'm going to hate the mechanics.

Btw, fighting off aliens in the 50s is about as appealing as playing as a big daddy in Rapture.

More likely, and/or hopefully at least, like Star Wars: Republic Commando, where your squad was completely controlled by the AI but you had a ton of context-sensitive actions you could tell them to perform, or switch their behavior between aggressive/defensive/etc.

OT: I would love for another tactical squad-based shooter. Outside of the Tom Clancy games I can't even think of one that's been released since 2005 (Mass Effect is discounted by the fact that the AI is utterly inept and you're better off leaving them to their own devices and doing everything yourself).

Glad to hear this hasn't been cancelled.

EDIT: Also, considering the gameplay of Bioshock 2 was far better than that of Bioshock, I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle this.


Yes, that influenced ME2. But it retained its soul in 2.

But this game is pretty much copying everything on the market now, and does nothing special. The developers put no thought into the mechanics the game has, and has said so in interviews.

If they see something "cool" they immediately take it and slap it into the game regardless of how well it will mesh with other games. Because the game has been in development hell and they still have no idea what to do with it.

They scrapped it and restarted it from scratch 3 times, and that's just the ones we KNOW of.

A game is something that is PLANNED and FOCUSED. Throwing random mechanics into a blender is NOT good game design. That is NOT how you make a return on a product when you copy whats already been done.

Plenty of games have fallen into this hole, and development hell means that this game will fail harder than Aliens Colonial Marines, and for the same reason.

There is no light of hope for this game. The development history is pure horror. Its just something they put out to fill a balance sheet. Even then the imaginable costs dumped into this game means they should cut their losses at this point.

I don't disagree on any particular point. It could still be fun though. Sometimes if I'm grabbing a freeze drink from a gas station, I like to mix all the flavors until it's just weird syrupy gunk. But it's tastey and only costs a dollar.
Likewise with this, I can overlook some issues if I can still enjoy the story and it's cheap enough.


Erm, excuse me. Have you played the game already? If so, where may we see actual gameplay footage?

Too many games in the past have tried to appeal everyone which turned into a bloody mess with one audience being favoured over the other. DNF was a Frankenstein monster theme wise in more ways than one.

They aren't trying to please everyone. With this game, they're trying to please shooter fans. With the main series, they're trying to please strategy fans. This allows the main experience to remain undiluted while still looking at the universe from a different perspective in spinoffs.

The team based tactical shooter is also an endangered genre, therefore I am happy that this game still got released.

The date of august 20th is even better because that hits us right during the usual gaming drought and middle of summer holidays, so that means lots of free time to play this.

Live action trailer... yeah, I'm going to wait for some more before I make up my mind here. I would like a good squad based shooter with some twists such as should be expected in an Xcom game, but I'm going to be cautious here. I am intrigued though.

hopefully this turns out well. The aesthetic and time period seem unique in the current market plus I already got a mainline XCOM so a spinoff that puts you in the middle of the action seems neat.

*takes a gander around them forums*

Whoa. People are generally reacting to this in a sedate manner! Looks like all that was needed was a perspective change, then. First-person XCOM is a travesty, but a third-person game that reuses the first attempt's assets and setting, though? That's fine.

I don't have much hope for it, though. 2K burned its sympathy capital with that E3 showing, a few years back. I don't think I need to link to Noah Antwiler's fairly expressive (and excessive) reaction to it. My guess is it'll be compared to Enemy Unknown, judged to be inferior by the general press, and quickly forgotten about. This is, unfortunately, the attempt of a publisher that's at least trying to make *some* bank out of the capital it invested in the failed FPS.

I don't know. My reaction is a bit torn up between this:

And understanding why 2K operated under the assumption that the strategy genre needed to be revitalized. I mean, the last five years have pretty much been Reboot Central, with publishers and dev teams deluding themselves into thinking that there's no market left for "classic" genres.

So this looks to be exactly like Bioshock 2: could be good in its own right, but unnecessarily tied to a previous franchise.

Not interested in the least, this is the second time they are trying to market this game, just with a new title. Keep X-COM a non 3rd person shooter IP, thanks. There aren't enough X-Com style gameply as it is.

Too late.


I am utterly baffled by the sheer volume of people who are calling for "maintaining the status quo" and hating on experimental tangents of a series simply to maintain the "purity" of said series that it doesn't even freaking have.

Be ashamed of yourself, please.

OT: I'll need more than a live action trailer, but I see they're taking steps in an interesting direction.


Not interested in the least, this is the second time they are trying to market this game, just with a new title. Keep X-COM a non 3rd person shooter IP, thanks. There aren't enough X-Com style gameply as it is.

Too late.


I am utterly baffled by the sheer volume of people who are calling for "maintaining the status quo" and hating on experimental tangents of a series simply to maintain the "purity" of said series that it doesn't even freaking have.

Be ashamed of yourself, please.

OT: I'll need more than a live action trailer, but I see they're taking steps in an interesting direction.

Agreed completely. This is why we get endless sequels and franchise tie-ins right here, because every time something that dares to change things around a little bit is announced, 'fans' of the series start bitching about how it isn't exactly the same as the last game. It's not exactly as though there's still a ton of uncharted waters for games to explore, and I for one welcome another shooter that finally dares to go back to having more depth than a point&click adventure.

In case anyone's interested, IGN did a rewind video to point out the various easter eggs within the live action trailer. There's some pretty interesting stuff hidden in there.

OT: I'm accepting of this idea, but I need to wait and see more. Due to the development hell this game has been stuck in, it rightfully deserves skepticism as to whether or not it will actually be good.

Back when this game was first announced, I didn't want anything to do with it. From what I remember, there was no peep about EU even existing yet. And it seemed like the legacy, and memory of X-COM would be used to make another motherfucking FPS game.

Sure, X-COM: Enforcer would've probably remained the arguably 'worse' game with even less to do with X-COM. But the reason why XCOM (2010) was a far uglier game was because it was being used as an excuse to shit out another FPS game. Because: The Market, apparently.

Now that time has passed, EU came out and has been quite successful and the possibility for more proper TBS XCOM games to follow... I am okay with this game's existance. Because EU has taken that "torch", and will probably continue carrying it onward.

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't use XCOM's ideas to make spinoffs games in other genres. I mean, I absolutely loved Metal Gear Rising. A spinoff of a completely utterly different gameplay genre altogether, within one of my favorite game franchises. And I loved it.

Still, I need to see more of their new take on this game. It's bound to have changed significantly, and it seems like 2k Marin is taking this seriously now. I genuinely hope it will be interesting.

I think I'd be interested in seeing a more human story with the setting. I just wonder whether they are going to create that.

I Have high hopes for it. It's a time period that is criminally underused in media and I think it could have real potential. Not something I buy day 1, but probably something I would buy over the holiday Steam sale.

It seemed really interesting until I read the part about having to keep the existence of aliens secret to the public.

I really hate those kinds of stories for their stupidity because guess what even in the sixties you can't keep something that big a secret.

I'm not saying that I won't pick up the game if its good just because of that one thing but I do think less of the game thanks to it.

From the Makers of BioShock 2.

Not something you guys really want to advertise.

I wonder why they couldn't have just called it The Bureau.I mean a 50s Men in Black shooter with aliens that at least look on the surface to be completely different from the X-Com games proper should be enough to warrant its own brand.

I guess they felt they needed brand recognition but honestly, did they really think that people who were fans of the strategy games would just go out, look at the title on box, (which presumably has pictures of the not in any way turn based combat on the back) and do anything but rage?

If this ends up being an actual tactical shooter, a la Ghost Recon, SWAT, or Rainbow Six, I'd be happy about it, I think. However, we all know, in the current AAA game environment, that will most likely not happen. It'll be a boring third person chest-high cover game where every once in a while you have to tell your sniper AI buddy to shoot a certain far-away guy. I'm not writing this game off already, but my hopes are deep in a well right now.

Okay, so guys? This game didn't actually get re-revealed. We saw this already, they just put it on the back burner for a couple years, because the last time it popped up, it was still "Mass Effect: 1962". Same gameplay, setup, enemy...

To be fair, it was kinda forgettable then, too.

Staying true to the "classic XCOM formula," The Bureau will be a strictly single-player affair. I wasn't terribly impressed with the multiplayer component of Enemy Unknown, and XCOM has been a traditionally single player experience, so I'm not terribly distraught by the fact that the development time was spent focusing on the single player portion, rather than the requisite balancing act of multiplayer.

I'm not going to say yay or nay on this until more comes out but 1 thing I noticed was the lack of tacking on a crappy multiplayer mode just because some business exec thinks every game has to have one (ie. spec ops: the line). I'm the type that enjoys a good single player game and may not if ever touch the MP side of it.

You know, now that we have Enemy Unknown and the title suggests a spin-off instead of a complete reboot, I'm willing to give this game a chance. Of course XCOM games that strayed too far from its roots haven't done that well, but it's still possible this game could break the pattern.

"From the makers of Bioshock 2" - thats not necessarily a good thing. The combat in Bioshock 2 was certainly better, but everything else was mostly mediocre.

A single-player shooter though, I'm looking forward to. I've always imagined what the result would be if they mixed the FPS gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront with the overworld strategy between battles in Empire at War, and thought that that could be a great game. Spending all your time devising your strategy, researching, building vehicles and recruiting troops, and then actually playing as those units in a shooter. It'd appease my love for strategy and non-linear shooters. Ideally, this game is supposed to be that game.

Now my pessimism comes in - its been in development hell. I'm not going to count it out, and I'm probably going to play it at some point after release, but I'm doubting I'll have much more good to say about the game other than "it had some interesting ideas".

I didn't really like the idea of having an XCOM shooter at first, but this actually looks pretty interesting.

I know there was no gameplay, but I thought the almost-total live action reinforced what I hope will bea big part of the game, fighting aliens with Cold War technology and ideas instead of 21st century-contemporary or near future technology. I also like the apparent emphasis that this agency is a repurposed intelligence organization, what with all tose censored letters, Top Secret stamps, and tape recorders.

This isn't even a trailer, more of a teaser.
And that's my problem here, that, after they fucked up their first presentations in so many ways - not only their "connection" to XCOM, but also horrible in game footage, so it was said - they do nothing but tease another attempt.
For me, this is worth nothing until they dare to show actual ingame footage again.

Well, that was a fantastic trailer.


Please don't be a Dead Island, please don't be a Dead Island, please don't be a Dead Island. The words "third-person tactical squad-based shooter"* and "makers of Bioshock 2" don't bode well. Also, that bracelet looks like it's been ripped off from Cowboys vs. Aliens (and I'm sure they ripped it off from somewhere else).
But I don't think the covert operations will have something to do with the gameplay, not if the third screen-shot is anything to go by.

*The original phrase in the article is missing two hyphens. Right now it's a "third shooter", which happens to be a "person shooter", and a "squad shooter", which happens to be a "based shooter".

Man I am excited!

This has been a very sensible move. before enemy unknown came out, this would have bombed admist a chorus of angry xcom fans proclaiming their rage and undying hate for the publisher. by bringing that out first and then waiting a while before publishing this one they made it stand on its own, without the stigma of the game that repraced a strategy xcom, and without having to ducktape pointless basebuilding elemnts to it.

good business sense and an understanding of the market in a publisher? what?

Hands-up if you remember Starship Troopers?

Keep them up if you played the video game for it...

Given the ... interesting levels of AI at the moment in your standard shooter game, do we want perma-death? You're gonna get lonely about four levels in

Eh, I'm more than happy with Enemy Unknown. I hope it does well, but I'll be giving this game a pass.

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