Xbox IllumiRoom Projector Splashes Game Content All Over Room

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I really like the dynamic lighting effect for the driving game. That could work great. Some of the others I'm a bit dubious about, but at least they are thinking *puts on glasses* outside of the (X)box. Yeeeeeaaaah!

So.... Am I the only one who read this article, and immediately thought of the book Fahrenheit 451?

Also, I am certainly not prone to motion sickness, but watching that video gave it to me... So I think this is a no buy, or if I do buy it, a feature I won't use.

That honestly looks pretty nice, my worries being that you have to sit halfway across the room to use it and that they consider putting a galaxy background around the TV a new gaming experience. And I hope self-calibrating is going to mean it works on corners.

But then again, ain't nobody gonna care bout dis if it's always online. Can't escape it Microsoft, youll have to play your hand eventually.

Dear Microsoft,

Someone wake me when Oculus Rift comes out.

Why not just use a normal projector and cut out the middle-man? In the demo shown, I found myself only paying attention to the screen anyway, because that's where the important stuff's happening. It's more eye-strain inducing than anything else. I'll stick to supporting the Oculus Rift.

This is actually very neat stuff when done properly, i.e. with a canvas so your image isn't horrifically distorted, it's been done like a decade ago on expos for shits and grins.
Using just a projector seems like the better idea until you get down to the facts, projectors are horribly expensive, and even top of the line stuff was never made for gaming so they have terrible refresh rates, really low resolutions, and contrast is just plain awful even in complete dark(not to mention during the day), also with daily gaming the bulbs would burn out within a year and they cost $300-500 each.
So using a monitor for the fine details you focus on and a projector for the peripheral vision is a sweet combo, obviously more as an occasional party piece then a straight upgrade.

Of course the proper setup doesn't need Kinect, or Xbox, or MS software, or MS all together... so this is why they are doing the more expensive horrid version that requires all that on top.

This woudl work if i had a screen with absolutely no edges and a flat huge wall behind it. in all toher ocasions its terribly annoying feature. the only thing that could be good out of this is the "i can see more to the sides" part, but if it is the quality that we see in the video, then thats going to be good onyl for people who cant concentrate at all, ADHD guys.

Also, this looks like its using regular projection bulbs, so thats shelling out 100 dollars every 1 week-to-3-months depending on how much time you keep it on, due to very limited lifespan.

also with daily gaming the bulbs would burn out within a year and they cost $300-500 each.

Faster. I was thiking of getting a projector for my movie watching. then i counted the price of bulb changes. It very likely would be spendong on bulbs alone more than i earn in a month. those things are ridiculously expensive if you need screen on for as long as i do. Thats why i liked CRTs, you could keep them on forever and they worked. Not that my current plasma one is bad, though i should be moving to LEDs to save power by now.

Not sure if this is more or less useful than Kinect itself. Complete waste of money and tech.

Also I'm not sure if it really would work in "any living room" It shows a very large TV, which a HUGE wall area beside it.

My TV's towards the corner of my room with a window pretty close to it, and what if you're in a very small room.

Oh great another stupid gimmick wasn't the kinect enough of a failure. I've still got my one in the box, never even bothered to try it once. Stupid thing didn't even come with a TV stand. Not that the kinect work work with my room set up anyways, pretty sure this projector is not going to be able to adapt to a lot of common TV bedroom set ups. Not every one plays in their lounge.

What if someone wanted to use this and Kinect at the same time? The person's shadow would spoil the effect. Both of the Nextbox's gimmicks conflict with each other. Also, it sounds like a large expense for little benefit.

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