Earthbound Creator Says New Sequel is "Impossible"

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Isn't this the same site that constantly harps on Nintendo for not coming up with new IPs? They told the story they want with the series, and they called it a day. I see no problem there, though releasing a modern version with all 3 in 1 would be pretty cool.

This is the site that harps in Nintendo for not making new IPs. And the posts in this forum are saying to leave this IP alone because the creator says its over.

In my opinion, Japanese publishers need to grow a pair and localize some of their Japanese only titles. They'd be surprised how many would sell.

It seems like half the posts are sad that there won't be a Mother 4...

If Shigesato Itoi doesn't care to continue the Mother series, that's fine, but he should hand it off to someone who does instead of just letting it languish in the back of fans' minds. Same with any other series for that matter.

Nothing's impossible. I would guess it's more like he just doesn't feel like he has the creative juices left for a new game to do the previous ones justice. I can respect a developer trying to avoid sequel stagnation despite a near guarantee of huge profits, but he could at least try making a spiritual successor series under a different name.

It's not like the story is a confinement either- the previous games were only connected by a handful of plot threads, and I bet most people didn't even know that Giygas was supposed to be the warped insane version of the 'Geigue' alien from the first game.

Sir Christopher McFarlane:


I could have pizza once every decade or so though, which would be a far more appropriate comparison. The last Mother game was released only in the Island of Fantasy in 2006. The Mother games are so loosely connected that a new game wouldn't need to continue the story. It only needs to bring the same feel or themes back. It could be the Bioshock 3 of Mother.

The Great JT:
What's the matter, Itoi, run out of ways to traumatize us? Because otherwise, that's quitter talk. Nut up and brutalize our collective subconscious like you know we love it.

Oh come on... Okay, in my daily rigors, I have to put up with guys who constantly tell me to do things with little to no explanation. I don't always like it, but I usually learn why I do these things. Usually.
This... This just irritates me. If you're going to tell someone that something is straight up "impossible" then you'd best have some kind of reason why. Mother 3 would make bank if it were localized, and it would make even more if Nintendo took up those amateur translators on their offer.
"Impossible", eh? I don't buy it for a second. Improbable, difficult, inefficient, maybe. Impossible? Never. In my line of work, "impossible" doesn't exist until you've given up, and even then, someone else can probably make it work. Like the fan-created Mother 4 in progress. It's going to take a long time, but I don't hear anything even close to "impossible" coming from them.

... Impossible. That word offends me, and I never even knew it.

Yup. Clearly everyone says it should be over.

Sure, you could cherry pick a few quotes, but I can do the same.
But to save space I'll just refer you to posts 6,9, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 27.

Point is, not everyone here wants to see another Mother entry. The story is done, and video games that churn out sequels just because tend to ruin the series over time for the most part. No one wants to see that for the Mother franchise, which is why a lot of people are respecting the creator's decision to not make another.

Making a new IP based on the style of Mother would be ok, but Mother's story is finished.


I'd like those questions answered too, but another game just to answer it might be a bit silly. Only having an official statement would seem a bit dry, though. Like, "Hey, Mother fans, that freaky fetus cave? The one with the Devil Machine in? IT WAS A DREAM!" That wouldn't be cool.

They were interesting games. They ended on a good note.

As a fan, I am happy.

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