Plants vs. Zombies 2 Invading Lawns This Summer

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Invading Lawns This Summer

The agonizing wait for a Plants vs. Zombies follow-up is almost over.

It's been four years since Plants vs. Zombies was originally released for the PC. Since then, the charming tower defense game has made its way to smartphones, DS, XBLA, PSN, and Vita, and fans have been waiting impatiently for a sequel. Very impatiently, as this video shows. After years of questions about a PvZ sequel, developer PopCap made it official today: Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming this summer.

Appropriately titled Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, the sequel will be released in July 2013 for an indeterminate number of platforms. The teaser trailer has no details other than a release window, but it's a pretty humorous way to announce a game.

PopCap originally revealed that a sequel to its 2009 hit was in development back in August, which was unfortunately right before the developer laid off series creator George Fan. Hopefully Fan's departure, as well as PopCap's 2013 and 2012 layoffs, won't negatively affect this long-awaited sequel.


It's About Time... Time... Time travel mechanics! Of course!

Okay, I get what Teaser Trailers are there for. But cmon...

Building hype over a title shot and a few YouTube memes is useless. It'd be interesting if they showed some gameplay, or something from the game.

Without that though, ugh. Teaser trailers are useless.


Time for you to pre-order our game, gamers!

Ok, not the greatest ad but at least its existence is known

Which reminds me, I should at least attempt Plants vs Zombies at least once...

Well this is pretty awesome news. Thanks a lot PopCap, now I'm going to be stuck on the john for longs periods of time.

Why does that first guy appear on the ad sound like the nerd guy from Robot Chicken?
Also the ad is pretty funny.

Why don't they give us a real trailer, eh? All I see are some scripted people who think throwing a tantrum will give them what they want. I don't feel any hype over a game that is a sequel to a game I enjoyed and I think it's cause I didn't enjoy this teaser.

Anyways, I'm going to watch some teasers to fully understand what is right or wrong about this trailer.

Captcha is telling me good as gold but I don't know what it's talking about

I've been waiting so long for this. THANK YOU POPCAP!

Hey you zombies! Git on mah lawn so I can tell you to git off mah lawn!

Scarim Coral:
Why does that first guy appear on the ad sound like the nerd guy from Robot Chicken?
Also the ad is pretty funny.

Because he's an actual nerd, he even made a rage video over not being able to access Diablo 3 on opening day

Somehow I can't help but imagine Valve making this kinda trailer for when HL3 is finally announced.

Anywho, I look forward to this game. The first one was quite fun.

Good to hear this is actually happening. However, the cynic in me predicts many in app purchases and doubtlessly more of that lame disco zombie they seem to love so much now. Yeh, we get it, you had to replace Thriller Zombie with something else, do you need to keep reminding us?

But seriously though, Plants vs. Zombies 2. Hurray!


But if I see the full game for free on the App store, I'll be suspicious, as that only ever means one thing really...

It's about damn time we saw another addition to this game since I loved playing the first for a long time.

OH F- no one tell my mother. I swear to God if any of you find and tell her about this I will bury you alive.

So many days of her hunched over the computer, the constant wails and groans of dying zombies... the horror.

Would have been more humorous if Gaben (Gabe Newell) was complaining about the length of time between. Maybe right after Major Nelson's show.

Scarim Coral:
Why does that first guy appear on the ad sound like the nerd guy from Robot Chicken?
Also the ad is pretty funny.

I wish I was a plants verses zombies...


Ugh...I just want to harpoon the first guy in that video. Dunno why.
At first I was like "Huh, PvZ1 was pretty fun, and pretty complete. Maybe the sequel will be good."
And then..."Oh right, EA bought out Popcap since then. Never mind."

I just don't get it... a lot of people are already worried about the quality of the game thanks to EA purchasing Popcap and George Fan departing, and yet two months before the game is supposed to be released and they don't want to show anything about the actual game? Not like that will come across as incredibly suspicious to the cynics or anything >_>

They fired the guy who made one of their most popular games? Talk about gratitude.

Well, I never realized that the demand for a sequel was so intense. Maybe I'll check this one out.


Scarim Coral:
Why does that first guy appear on the ad sound like the nerd guy from Robot Chicken?
Also the ad is pretty funny.

Because he's an actual nerd, he even made a rage video over not being able to access Diablo 3 on opening day

Actually, that's just a character (Francis) that the owner of the channel Boogie2988 does.

That was a sad video. and the dude got laid off? also quite sad :(

I hope the game is fun nonetheless.

...Pity they got rid of the guy who was largely responsible for the first game's existence...

Y'know, there are plenty of games where the whole "one person's vision" idea doesn't entirely ride, especially in the AAA-levels. Popcap was still making games that were small enough that they really could be one person's creative vision. For PvZ, that person was George Fan, and I've heard him speak about the game enough that I genuinely believe that he's the reason the game worked as well and was popular as it was.

And as near as I can tell, that success put him in a high enough place that some fucking imbecile said, "oh look, there's a fat salary I can cut so I can point to the money I saved when it comes time to justify my bonus."

The sequel may or may not be a good game. They may or may not follow through on that rumored desire to force a delightful 2D-cartoon aesthetic into the Frostbite engine. I don't know if the Powers that Be will come down with some dictate that dooms the thing from square one, insisting that you only get certain plants if your friends play or asking you to buy Hyper Peas for five bucks or... whatever.

I'm not real hopeful that a solid cash cow like PvZ will come through with both its charm and solid gameplay intact, but it will probably sell just fine anyway. There are dozens of generic games featuring zombies that have tried to capitalize on PvZ's success, and I suspect this will be much like one of them, only this one has the brand, for as long as that means something.

It doesn't mean much to me, anymore.

Without George Fan at the helm colour me "not that interested".

And with EA's rather dubious record involving acquisitions and sequels I doubt this will be as good as the first game.


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