Uncut Conker's Bad Fur Day Demo Build Discovered

Uncut Conker's Bad Fur Day Demo Build Discovered

No, this isn't the super happy version.

An Assembler Games forum user by the name of Andrew Borman has acquired, among other things, an early demo build of the notoriously subversive N64 platformer, Conker's Bad Fur Day. The demo build apparently contains a number of explicit scenes that didn't make it into the retail version of the game. Like the scene to the above right, which shows Tediz doctors doing awful things to a live squirrel soldier, and some fancy lighting effects doing awful things to the game's framerate.

Borman acquired the demo rom, alongside BETA copies of Perfect Dark, from a "trusted source," apparently for a pretty penny, as he was asking the community to donate $2,500 to cover his costs before he would release the roms to the public. However, the "unwanted media attention" seems to have changed Borman's mind, and he's decided to release the roms to the public prematurely, "taking a huge loss" in the process. As of today, he's received $850 of the $2,500 he asked for.

Oddly enough, more violence isn't what history-hungry rom collectors are looking for when it comes to Conker's Bad Fur Day. The game quite famously started out as a cutesy 3D platformer in the vein of Banjo Kazooie, before Rare realized the N64 was overflowing with cutesy 3D platformers and decided to switch things up by injecting a dose of dark British humor. A playable version of the initial, happy-and-fun version is pretty much the Holy Grail to N64 rom collectors.

Source: Destructoid


I'll bet whatever the devs were smoking when they made this section was also uncut :P

at first i thought:

"uncut" conkers bad fur day? there is something more uncut than what was originally released?

but yeahhh i'm kinda glad that didn't make it into the game, seems a bit "out there" compared to the rest of the stuff.

It's also surprisingly disturbing.

At what point does "Hey, let's go full Josef Mengele in this cutscene!" ever seem like a good idea?

Formica Archonis:
At what point does "Hey, let's go full Josef Mengele in this cutscene!" ever seem like a good idea?

Probably after a combination of them trying to put more Nazi-esque things in there, trying to make the game even more firmly 18+, and LOTS of alcohol/marjiuana.

Before: Wha? They actually CUT crude things from the game before release? Can't be that bad. This is a game where you kill a baby dinosaur who thinks you're his mom, fight a singing mound of poo, drop squirrels into a meat grinder, and pee on people. What line does Rare have that this scene crossed?

After: Jesus Christ! WTF is wrong with you, Rare? WOW!

...point taken. Perhaps this was for the best in the end. Despite the game being so obscene, there was a light feeling of cartoon violence and satire. This...was not. Seems really out of place. I prefer the scene it was replaced with though as one of my favourite moments in the game.

I guess I'm the only person that didn't really have a problem with that scene haha well besides the terrible lighting, god, I could barely see anything.

Even though I didn't have a problem with it I'm glad it got replaced with what was in the final game because it was funny to see the Tediz acting in an opposite manor to how they usually are.

It's also surprisingly disturbing.

I've seen some shit, but this? I agree, for some strange reason this seemed pretty disturbing.

that's some pretty messed up shit right there.


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