World of Warcraft Loses 1.3 Million Subscribers in 3 Months

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I don't know whether this is a sign to rejoice that the mighty World of Warcraft hath fallen so that many other good MMORPGs may ascend to greater notability.

To be horrified that this might be a sign of the decline of the MMORPG itself.

I really don't think that World of Warcraft has ever been worthy of the being the most popular MMORPG. But the industry seems a bit... worrisome for MMORPGs. Mixed, but worrisome. One the one end, in the past few years we've been getting some of the highest budget and dedicated MMORPGs ever. Guild Wars 2, The Old Republic, Final Fantasy XIV, Tera, Blade and Soul. At the same time, it seems it doesn't matter how big an MMORPG is right now, it is destined to fail.

I hope that the industry stays healthy while at the same time World of Warcraft falls far from the top spot. World of Warcraft has long had a stranglehold on the industry that I want to see disappear.

We're onto you, Escapist.

We want that DeLorean you have.

That wasn't a typo; you simply posted that article in the wrong month. =P


But in all honesty, Blizzard is probably swimming in gold right now. I doubt that, if WoW sunk this year, they'd be crying all that much. Not when there's dump trucks of CoD revenue moving in to fill the void.

The true question is:

Is WoW really starting to fall apart, or has the subscription mmorpg model run it's course?

I sincerely think it's the latter. We gotta wait and see now.

I gave the Panda exp pack a go when it came out and ended up quitting again after a month. Hated what they did with talents. They made it so damn simple into a you can select 1 talent per every 15 levels and alot of the old talents from the old talent trees were baseline when you chose your spec. It was a major killer for me since i enjoyed watching my toon grow in power and i had to think on what talents i wanted since to gain one talent i would have to forfeit another etc.

Ghostcrawler said he changed the talent system to this oversimplified mess because the old system was too cookie cutter, where everyone was the same spec. Ghostcrawler is speaking out of his arse. Its even more cookie cutter and everyone was the same (example being a massive number of warriors chose shockwave and avatar)

Also don't help that it was still world of orgrimar/stormwind/queuecraft. Still no sod outside the main cities doing stuff, all hiding in the main cities in a queue for something. World still felt as dead as it was in cata.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Any serious raider gonna tell you flat out that the new talents are anything but cookie cutter. Most of the raiders change their talents multiple times in a single raid, with a different set up for each boss. Shockwave was overpowered, and got nerfed for it. Avatar is only that useful in pvp.

There was no "choosing" talents, if you wanted to do any kind of competitive DPS. You either picked a cookie cutter build for maximum efficiency, or you were doomed to forever do a subpar performance.

How can you complain that no one leaves the city, when the main complains of MoP are excess of dailies? There are people doing dailies everywhere. I run into people at Isle of Thunder all the time. Were you playing on a dead server?

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