Insomniac "Not Working" on the Wii U

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Because I'm still waiting for you to find a dictionary. I'm not going to spell out the definition of "generation" for you when it takes five seconds to look it up for yourself. Stop being lazy and then throwing accusations of logical fallacy out at me because I refuse to cave to your laziness. Do your own research, don't expect your opponent to do it for you. That is the most basic rule of debate. I'll give you one last chance to prove that you're capable of at least doing that much for yourself.

lol, I see that you think that "generation" and "console generation" mean the same; guess you also think "memory" and "computer memory" are one word, or sheaf in usual language, agriculture and math. No wonder you are so confused, what I am saying is that "console generation" is a technical term pertaining video games that people use and can't even well-define unless by extension, as such is a term that only has value as marketspeech, I'll peace out then but suggest you stop saying you know the definition and others don't, it seems silly.


The games on the WiiU may be behind in terms of specs compared to games on the other consoles but I believe the touch-screen controller more than makes up for it. The extra-screen provides opportunities for games that would be impossible to pull off on the other consoles and this is where the WiiU can really shine. I'd even say it has more opportunities because of this. Developers need to take advantage of it and do something -forgive my language- innovative. As j-e-f-f-e-r-s has pointed out many times before, a proper console strategy game could be produced! Asymmetrical gaming with the Pro Controller, hell even NDS-style aiming with the touch-screen.

That was the theory behind the Wii and motion controls. A generation later, and not even Nintendo could manage to come up with a game which made motion controls more than a gimmick. They put out some party games, then spent the generation milking their old franchises while unambitiously mapping various discrete actions to some form of controller waggling. Skyward Sword came the closest to really making the controls work, but they were still far too attached to the Zelda formula to be the definitive example (it was also a bit late at that point).

If Nintendo wants its latest "innovation" to take off then they need to take the bull by the horns and put out a game that doesn't just blow people away, but does something with the controls that makes people say "This game couldn't have been done on the 360".

But why can't say, any other developer do it? Sure it's Nintendo's console and they're obligated to lead the way but seeing as there's nothing confirmed as of yet I don't see why another developer couldn't just do it themselves. Take some initiative and be the first penguin damn it!

Another day, another dev dropping the Wii U. Seems like there's a new one every time I check the news.

I swear, if the next Xbox really is online only, Sony is going to have essentially no competition. I was a die-hard Nintendo boy in the Gamecube days and I wouldn't take anything over a 360 in this gen, never been much for Sony but I'm all for them now. Seems like they're doing everything right, except when I think about it, they're really not. They're just not going out of their to embrace stupid ideas that can only bite you in the ass. But I suppose even minding your own business and maintaining the status quo can seem like a move of genius cunning when you're surrounded by people who are busy setting up bear traps for lounge chairs.

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