Capcom Explains Why Ace Attorney 5 Is Digital Only

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Let me just say: if this game sells well, they will have NO excuse to not localize their crossover with the best-selling Professor Layton series. A crossover that is, may I add, pretty much the best idea in the history of ever.

So no, I haven't given up on it. Ace Attorney 5 WILL sell, and then Capcom will hear no end of demands for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. This needs to happen.

I agree with this move. Honestly NO ONE has ever looked at an AA title on the shelf and thought to themselves that they'll give it a try. You find out somewhere, and you either love the idea and pick it up or don't think twice. The Layton series should go the same way tbh.

You were either gunna buy it anyway, or you don't even register that it's on that shelf. That's how these titles are.

I am not sure if you are serious or sarcastic

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