David Jaffe Joins Indie Developer Pixelbionic

David Jaffe Joins Indie Developer Pixelbionic

Autoduel Concept Art

The outspoken creator of Twisted Metal and God of War will be an adviser for Pixelbionic's Autoduel.

David Jaffe is well-known for his for his strong opinions and willingness to share them. He's also pretty famous for making videogames and, over his career, has shown a clear affection for automobiles with big guns blowing each other to smithereens. The best know result of this love of violent vehicles is the Twisted Metal series. In addition to creating the franchise, he co-founded Eat Sleep Play, the studio behind 2012's attempted revival of the property.

Jaffe left Eat Sleep Play following the completion of Twisted Metal. That said, his love of exploding cars has apparently stayed with him. Returning to the world of car combat, he has joined independent developer Pixelbionic to serve as an adviser for its game Autoduel. While still in its early stages, Autoduel will be a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat title where players team up to fight each other across a variety of maps and environments. The game will also feature upgrades players can use to strengthen their cars and become deadlier road warriors. "I was super excited when I heard Pixelbionic's vision for Autoduel," said Jaffe. "As a huge fan of the genre, I'm really looking forward to contributing to the game's vision and design goals."

Jaffe isn't the only big name in car combat involved in Autoduel. Zack Norman, the creator of Interstate '76, is also serving Pixelbionics as a creative adviser. The rest of the team include artists, designers and programmers whose experience runs the gamut from games including Return to Castle Wolfenstein to titles like The Matrix: The Path of Neo. "Our mission is to assemble a team of car combat visionaries to deliver the game fans want to not only play but also help create," said Pixelbionic president and co-founded Mike Arkin. "Autoduel pairs the vision of the best talent in the industry with the enthusiasm and support of gamers, a combination we are confident will set the bar for what can be achieved in a new PC vehicular combat game."

While deeper details about the game are understandably sparse at this early stage, Pixelbionic has confirmed that it intends to turn to Kickstarter for funding. Given the success of past campaigns attached to big names in the industry, Jaffe's involvement might be just what Pixelbionic needs to reach its goals.


I have but one word to say in response to this, and it summarizes my opinions well.


Well, the man filled my formative years with missiles and exploding cars, and made the only compelling God of War title that even remotely resembled a Greek tragedy. Calling All Cars was a fun distraction too. I could get behind this group of people, as well as the "blow the shit out of each other's vehicles" genre.

If they are able to secure some of the license to the Car Wars and Auto Duel Pen and Paper games... there is some promise in this. Looking forward to it.


Heck Lord Brit didn't even bother to change the box art from the pen n' paper game...


Maybe Jaffe will get it right and not rub stink all over a solid RPG game/genre...

I miss Vigilante 8. That was my game back in the day. Playing as Boogie, lifting schoolbuses into the air with a disco ball, and then using that cow-puncher special attack to send them flying.

Man, those were the days...


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