Mojang Tempted to Claim YouTube Revenue on Minecraft Videos

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Copyright law is very clear on the matter of using a work as the basis of commentary as fair use. Fuck N's bullshit.

Copyright law is very clear on the matter of using a work as the basis of commentary as fair use. Fuck N's bullshit.

That's one bit of many.
A lawyer, working against a vast majority of LPers, would point out that almost every other aspect is being violated and it is no longer "fair use". Also, "commentary" doesn't mean "record your unfunny jokes and ramble on about random tidbits unrelated to the content you're talking about", it means to stay on track and educate about the product. Talk about how it was made and all that good stuff. Talk about the right things. Unless, of course, you've sold your soul to a network. Then talk about whatever you bloody well wish to.

Just saying "fair use because of x" doesn't make it so.
In fact, companies can often win those cases even if it does fall under fair use.
It's really up to their discretion (and, of course, the legal bodies involved). So yes, it is pretty much bullshit.

A dick? No.

An ego? Yes.

"See, I was thinking about cashing in on all your YouTube Videos, but I decided not to. See how good a guy I am? Now you all have another reason to think i'm awesome."

He didn't HAVE to say anything, but he chose to make note publicly of how generous he is being.


I think the idea is that he thought the act was stupid and wanted to mock it openly.

The only difference in our observations of this "tweet" is our preconceived notions of people.

I'd be willing to bet if an interview was had with him you'd find mine more accurate.

But then I'm sure you'd say the same about your guess.

there is point though were everyone knows about minecraft and the people who want to buy it would already have bought it so free advertising wouldn't bring in more revenue. I wouldn't put it past him to accept it. It would also be extra motivation to keep updateing the game.

Hold on, they want to charge for advertising? I mean, they certainly provided them with advertising but nobody ASKED them to. I could go out and wash someone's car but if they never asked me to they are under no obligation to pay me.

Notch mentioned that, a host of Let's Plays on YouTube, demanded a cut of Mojang's profits in return for the "advertising" provided by the videos

Wow. This I haven't seen testicles of this magnitude in some time.


OT, but what is your avatar from?

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