PlayStation 4 Video Reveal: Come See The Elephant

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I would like to have these 39 seconds back. Pointless stuff...

Oh and btw. doesn't the PC look more and more attractive these days? At least you know what you get....

so we are getting a teaser of a teaser of a teaser now? lol, why bother reporting on that kind of crap to begin with. is the hype really working? i think the most supporters sony got was not for anything sony did but for MS having a always online rumor to begin with.

Yay, it's a black/dark gray box with shiny gray bits on it... I really wish modern consoles would come in more colors then dark gray/black and white, like they did in the N64/Gamecube days. Even the WiiU is guilty of only being Black and White! I want colors!

God no. please no. the momentyt we start having purple consoles im out of this planet for good.


So is Sony trying to tell us that they're unfocused? We got that memo a while ago.


Now why does anybody care what the goddamn thing looks like? It's just the housing box for the hardware, you won't be gazing at this thing while you're actually playing it. And if you don't like how it looks just cover it with a paper bag, it won't affect playability at all.

While covering your ps4 with a paper bag is acceptable, don't cover your xbox720 with a paper bag unless you want to collect on your fire insurance.

I find it funny that the people here are so desperate to see what the box looks like. All that should matter are the specs, not the box. That is sad that you seem far more interested in the box instead of the specs. That would be like I spent a lot of time talking about the can and maybe a few sentences about the beer.

You know with what little they've given us it really really reminds me of the Ouya...

For the amount of money it took to shoot that footage they could have given how ever many people one dollar to pretend to be interested in the PS4 and it would have had a better effect.

And people wonder why I switched to PC. Don't get me wrong, consoles are great, I just don't like putting up with advertisements for advertisements.

Gett ready to sell your soul to even be able to buy a basic model.

Honestly, I think it's gonna look really nice. Sony's pretty good at designing their consoles. Not that it matters much.

And to those who are complaining "ehhhh, fuckin', 'sjust a black square whatever": this probably wouldn't have even merited a teaser if everyone on Earth hadn't shat themselves that they didn't show the actual console in February.

Honestly it was better than the Xbox One reveal, and wasted less of my time. Seriously, do these people think they are releasing some amazing, life changing device? I'm into gaming and all, but the level of hype being slung about is absolutely ridiculous.

SO I take it this is where we point out the fact that the lack of anything resembling a proper advertisment and people's eventual dissapointment in the ps4 is the actual elephant in the room.

Well I thought the name PS4 was uninspiring; Xbox One isn't much better! At least we got to see what the console looked like though. That said they both look like big black boxes with ports and vents. I wonder how long until we get the Gears Of War 4 Blood Red version or the Uncharted 4 Jungle Green version.

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